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Lady Beetlejuice

Listen up, ladies who like to dress as sexy insert film or television character here every Halloween! Forever 21 has made their first, clear cut addition to the many clothing items in their catalog which can be used for costumes. … Continue reading


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Reader WTF: Halloween Flashback

WHAT? Photo courtesy of PlanetMut.com. You haven’t liked WTForever21.com on Facebook yet? You are SERIOUSLY missing out. Seriously. …


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Reader WTF: Forever 21 Mannequins Pull Double Duty

Reader Anjanie caught her local Forever 21 mannequins dropping it like it was ever so hot this week. I have to admit, it looks less like dancing and more like someone in a line outside a Hollywood club who dropped … Continue reading

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Wonderful Wednesday: Political Edition

Unless you’ve been living under a large rock for the past few months, you’ve probably heard some kind of news on the Republican presidential candidates. (Honestly, even if you did live under a rock you’ve probably heard some news about … Continue reading


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Rory Beca for Forever 21 Serves Up WTF

When Rory Beca’s fun, flirty and fresh designs showed up in Forever 21 stores earlier this year I breathed a sigh of contented relief. Looks from Rory Beca like the one below made Forever 21′s near simultaneous collabo with local … Continue reading


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Zooey Deschanel & the Case of Too Much Cute

Everyone seems to be up in arms over Zooey Deschanel right now. Maybe it’s the overload of her kewpie doll cuteness now on full display in “New Girl” that’s brought it about. Maybe it’s the baby voiced, chunky banged, big … Continue reading


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Wonderful Wednesday: It’s the Little Things

I’m the kind of gal who obsesses over details, and just like any other borderline debilitating disorder, this has been and remains to be both a gift and a curse. Now, there’s some details I just can’t abide by (rosettes, … Continue reading


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Hot Mesh Mess

Until today, I’ve avoided writing much about the half mesh, half solid trend in pants, maxi skirts and dresses this year. I guess I thought it would fix itself or go away on its own, like parking tickets or unidentified … Continue reading


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The 5 Things that Ruin an Affordable Find

We’ve all known the pain. The unadulterated let down festival that is seeing an awesome dress, sweater, bottom, top, etc. beckoning to us from the rack. It whispers to you, “Buy me. Buy me and your life will be DOPE.” … Continue reading


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Top to Bottom: Wearing a Shirt as a Skirt

Keeping on the cusp of new fashion trends is hard work, if you consider hard work to be window shopping and finding a storage space big enough to house the hundreds of old magazines I refuse to toss out. And … Continue reading


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