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Old School WTF

It’s been a good long while since I scoped something in Forever 21′s online catalog that literally made me say, “What the fuck?” out loud. Polka Dot Flowers Top: $13.80 Congratulations, Polka Dot Flowers Top. You broke through that WTF … Continue reading

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The 5 Things that Ruin an Affordable Find

We’ve all known the pain. The unadulterated let down festival that is seeing an awesome dress, sweater, bottom, top, etc. beckoning to us from the rack. It whispers to you, “Buy me. Buy me and your life will be DOPE.” … Continue reading


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WT inFantilism

If I had to name the least sexy and most disturbing fetish on the planet it would probably be  the one for adult diapers. But for a small subset of folks, adults who dress and act like babies are the … Continue reading


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Fugly Shrugly

I’m not the biggest fan of ruffles. Nor am I the biggest fan of skin-tight half sweaters that accentuate nothing but the joint between my shoulders and arms. Enter the Ruffle Knit Shrug: Price: $13.80 Let’s pause for a moment … Continue reading


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