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It was the Best of Pants, It was the Worst of WTFs

“Please, sir.” High Rise Overalls: $24.80 “May I have some more fabric? So that I may completely engulf this girl’s torso in periwinkle polyester and take this high rise overall party to the holy land of underboob?” “MORE? High Rise … Continue reading


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Wonderful Wednesday: All White Everything

Maybe it’s the unseasonably warm weather here in Los Angeles or just the eager beaver in me wanting to get a jump on my bangin’ ass Easter Outfit, but I have a serious hankering to wear me some white. Turtle … Continue reading

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Swamp Ass

You know that thing where you’ve been out in the sun all day and it’s really hot and humid and your shirt is all moist and clinging to your torso and you feel like you need to shower but you … Continue reading


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Hot Mesh Mess

Until today, I’ve avoided writing much about the half mesh, half solid trend in pants, maxi skirts and dresses this year. I guess I thought it would fix itself or go away on its own, like parking tickets or unidentified … Continue reading


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GIVEAWAY: Free $25 Gift Card to Express

Like a fine wine that only gets tastier, more complex and harder to get out off of satin sheets with age, this WTForever 21 weekly giveaway just gets better and better! This week’s prize is one for both the fellows … Continue reading


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The Perfect Interview Outfit

This would be an amazing outfit for a job interview. Retro Bell Tunic: $17.80 Tribal Print Pants: $24.80 If your job interview was for the position of Oompa-Loompa Wrangler at Willy Wonka’s factory or as an extra on the next … Continue reading


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Glory of the 1800s

…   High Waist Overalls: $22.90 … Forever 21, Dirty Pool, Old Man. Dirty Pool.


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Woven WTF

*Sigh* Leopard Woven Pants: $24.80 It’s Sunday, so I am just going to leave this here for us all to think about. Consider the print, the cut, the ankles and the pairing of the shoes. And finally … Consider the … Continue reading


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Too Young for Harem Pants?

 It’s an epidemic sweeping the nation and it could be affecting your child, your family and your pocket book. Behavior so dangerous, so insidious, you probably won’t even notice your daughter is engaging in it - that is, until it’s … Continue reading


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Wearable Soundtrack of the ’80s

This post goes out to all you ladies and lads who railed against me for hating so super hard on harem pants. “Try them! They’re really comfy and I get compliments on mine all the time.” “Not ALL harem pants … Continue reading


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