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What to Wear When you Fall in Love with Channing Tatum

Sometimes the most obvious things in the world can be the most surprising. Like finding a quicker route to work by taking a wrong turn or learning that ratty old sweater you lounge around in at home is the sexiest … Continue reading


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Facebook Debate

HEY YOU! You like to argue, right?PERFECT!We’re having a good old fashioned debate on Facebook about whether or not Forever 21 selling a knock-off  what everyone seems to think is a  Kurt Cobain original (it isn’t - the design is … Continue reading

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Hipster Tee Catastrophe

In what I’m entirely convinced is an effort to net cash from the coveted hipster boi consumer segment, Forever 21 has rolled out what is quite possibly the douchiest fucking tee I have ever laid my poor, puffy, red eyes … Continue reading


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Wizard of Derp

This is not the loveable character from the classic we all know. It’s a straight up incident of mass manufactured derp. Thanks for ruining my childhood memory, Lord of the Dance. Price: $14.90 Forever 21, WTF?


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