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Cupid’s Picks

As a special treat for Valentine’s Day shoppers, Forever 21 has rolled out a list of gifts personally picked by Cupid, chief among them being sticks of sexual dynamite like this doozy. Poisoned Love Fringe Top: $14.80 Sometimes Forever 21′s … Continue reading


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Wedding Blog! Maybe.

As a blogger in the fashion world it’s fairly customary to include a large portion of your personal self in posts. And while I do partake in the occasional photo shoot for WTForever 21, I’m not exactly in the same … Continue reading


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What Not to Wear on Your Fantasy Date with Ryan Gosling

You’ve seen them. We’ve ALL seen them. And if you saw “Crazy, Stupid, Love” Friday, you definitely saw them. I’m writing, of course, about Ryan Gosling’s abs. I mean, come on. Even HE is confused as to how his body … Continue reading


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