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Wonderful Wednesday: Holiday Party Outfits

My favorite thing about holiday parties is the sequins. It’s as if for a few days between Thanksgiving and January 1, the rules of the world are turned topsy-twinkly and everything, including wardrobes, seem to project a little extra shimmer. … Continue reading


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WTFancy Shoulder Pads

When it comes to the finest in armpit bling, nobody does it better than Forever 21. Sequins Pearl Knit Sweater: $32.80 For when you absolutely have to be super fabulous but only on the shoulders. Forever 21, WTF?


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Dress Like There’s Nobody Watching

Well before the dawn of modern Hipsterdom, adventurous young men and women began flirting with the fashion line between counter culture trends and just plain looking like you got dressed in the damn dark. In the photo below (sent to … Continue reading


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Fantastic Friday: Princess Party Post

Once in a great while, when the moons align and a tender breeze whistles through the dankest sweatshop sewing floor, we here at WTForever 21 press pause on the almost endless vitriol injected into posts to thank the Heavens for … Continue reading


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Disco Ice Skater

Check out this Studio 54 velvet rope reject costume. Price: $19.80 The Drop Waist Lacy Contrast Dress looks like what a figure skater at the Fugly Olympics would wear. The only landing she’s going to stick is the one that’s … Continue reading

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