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Beaders: Beaded Alive

An estimated all of Forever 21 stores in the US are compulsive beaders. Beaders collect and collect… beads, feathers and other junk. Embroidered Necklace: $7.80 And then they add them onto necklaces. Beaded Fringe Collar Necklace: $19.80 Forever 21 has … Continue reading

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Feathered Bib Bonanza

By the pubic feathers of Daffy Duck, what fresh fowl hell is this? Layered Feather Necklace: $12.80 Meanwhile, at the Forever 21 factories, their team of crack designers is hard at work. This necklace is the tangible, allergy inducing equivalent … Continue reading


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5 Trends from 2011 that Should Leave 2012 Alone

As far as exciting years go for fashion, 2011 was kind of a dud in the trends department. When 2010, so pregnant with promise, broke its water and gave birth to 80′s harem pant jumpsuits, neon fucking everything, and borderline … Continue reading


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Wonderful Wednesday: Political Edition

Unless you’ve been living under a large rock for the past few months, you’ve probably heard some kind of news on the Republican presidential candidates. (Honestly, even if you did live under a rock you’ve probably heard some news about … Continue reading


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Get It Now!

Get what now? A job having my g-string plugged with sweaty dollar bills or a communicable disease? I spied this selection of busted ass stripper heels on the top floor of a Forever 21. Most of them were soiled in … Continue reading


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WTFeathery Cape

Oh, this old thing? Feather Cape with Brooch: $39.00 Just something I had laying around. In case I attend a black tie gala or an orgy on Sesame Street. I’d like to fit in. Forever 21, WTF?


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Birds Of A Feather Headwrap

Damn. This shit is so ridiculous they didn’t even DARE to have it featured on a model. Can you imagine the balls required to actually wear this thing and be photographed trying to keep a straight face, knowing your image, … Continue reading


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