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  1. Heather

    I was hoping you noticed the Yellow Tag deals going on my F21 right now! And what a scam they are… sweaters “regularly” priced at $37.80, with a 50% off yellow tag price! Any regular at F21 would know they never have basics over $15.50. I’d love to see a post about it!!

  2. administrator

    Heather - yes, I’ve been thinking of doing a post on this as well as their shrinking sizes. I think since they have to manufacture all the same standard sizes for all over the world, Forever 21 is now literally about to squeeze their American customers out.

  3. Michelle

    The girl in the green sweater next to the title “Sweaters and Cardigans.”

    She looks like she’s doing the sprinkler dance.

  4. liz

    unfortunately it doesn’t come up when you look at this link… but when you buy these trousers you can get ANOTHER PAIR FREE!!! defo what i needed hahaha xx

  5. As Forever 21′s biggest critic, thought you would like to know that there’s a class action lawsuit against Forever 21 by its employees:

  6. Shelly

    On their sale page, they’re selling thongs for $2 a-piece, but 4 for 9.50. What a sale!

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