Lady Beetlejuice

Listen up, ladies who like to dress as sexy insert film or television character here every Halloween! Forever 21 has made their first, clear cut addition to the many clothing items in their catalog which can be used for costumes.


Bold Stripes Shirt: $13.50

Vertical Striped Skirt: $19.80

Oh, but the resemblance is striking.


Now all you need is the right wig, makeup or mask.

Forever 21…




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6 Responses to Lady Beetlejuice

  1. liz

    not gonna lie… i totally love these BECAUSE they are Beetlejuice!

  2. brandi

    i actually like those items. well, kinda. F21 used to have a skirt just like that but with slightly thinner stripes and i missed out on those. don’t think i’ll be getting these though. the thinner stripes looked better. and as for the shirt, i’m kind of impressed that the pocket stripes actually line up with the shirt.

  3. this may be my favorite post of yours yet. i think you just helped me figure out my next year’s halloween costume.

  4. oh, oh, you could so also do “sexy lady referee” or “sexy prisoner”! and likely for half the price of what you’d spend on it at the halloween store! score!

  5. merchantfan

    Well, at least they actually would make a good costume….. you could also do Lady Referee.

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