Zippered Raptor Daisy Top

Leave it to Forever 21 to make a cheetah, one of the most badass, awesome, stealth, adorable when babies, animals on the planet look totally fucking lame.

Zippered Cheetah Daisy Top: $17.80

Let’s apply the same treatment to another animal and see if we can’t make it look like a desperate, old hippie whore as well.


What was once an iconic villain of my childhood is instantly reduced to the Tammy Faye Baker of prehistoric reptiles.

Newflash, Forever 21 – cheetahs and raptors do not need pink eye shadow to look awesome.

Forever 21, WTF?


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2 Responses to Zippered Raptor Daisy Top

  1. Forever 21 manufactures their own cosmetic line that is more crap from this retailer that doesn’t have an original idea or design. All they do is knock-off. They should be ashamed.

  2. I.T.

    The other sad part is: THAT IS NOT EVEN A CHEETAH. That is a leopard, not a cheetah. Forever 21, really, WTF? Do your research, please, before you name your clothing items.

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