Ye olde ugly shorts

Every once in a while, I’ll run across an item at Forever 21 so classic, so perfect, so elegantly wearable, I must have it, no matter the cost.


This is NOT one of those times.

Pleated Balloon Shorts (holy Hell…): $8.90

Now all I need to complete the look is my long musket and fine knee-high stockings.

Forever 21, Whateth the Fucketh?


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9 Responses to Ye olde ugly shorts

  1. Griffyn

    I think u would need the “muscat” to make me wear the pants….or a “musket” to hold to my head to make me put them on!

  2. ringtheory

    Griffyn! Thanks so much for pointing that out. I knew it looked wrong when I typed it but I didn’t see the squiggly red lines so I just rolled with it.

  3. colleen

    Hahahaha! I need to check out this blog more often – these shorts are the most hilarious things I’ve ever seen!!

  4. that’s hilarous. i think muscat is a type of grape. man these would make a great halloween costume! as would so many of the “WTF” items at forever21.

  5. Elizabeth

    At the store I tried on those blue shorts thinking it was a skirt… once I put it on I was absolutely horrified!!

  6. ringtheory

    HAHAHA – I just imagined someone being surprised when they put those on. So good.

  7. :)
    that’s hilarous.

    great idea.

    Village Beauté.

  8. Avalon

    I actually like these shorts>

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