WTFurby Sweater

Maybe you’ve all managed to scrub the fuzzy fad of the mechanical friend known as “Furby” from your collective memory.

I know I had. But this sweater just sent them all whooshing back.

Fuzzy Crop Sweater: $24.80 
I keep expecting it to open it’s mechanical eyes and start speaking gibberish to me in a baby doll voice.

Forever 21,


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5 Responses to WTFurby Sweater

  1. Sea Hag

    what the furby?

    I worked at a toy store during Year of the Furby. Never Furb-get!

  2. karomerc

    All it reminded me was of an albino Sully from Monsters Inc lolz

  3. karomerc

    It was the Yeti they meet in the mountain(I need to stop watchin movies with my 3yr old lolz)

  4. Ashley Sujata

    LMAO can’t stop laughing at the last image. More, more!

  5. DM

    looking at this sweater makes me itchy all over :( unless that was the intended purpose??

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