WTFringe Plus-Size Pants of Satan

As most of you know by now, I’m not exactly the most religious person. But, at times likes these, when faced with the sheer level of WTFness displayed below, I can not help but be consumed with the idea that, yes, the Devil exists and he is designing plus-size clothes for Forever 21.

Fringe Trim Leggings: $19.80

Sweet Lord, swing low and see me through this.

Get thee behind me, FRINGE!

The greatest trick the Devil ever played was convincing the world fringe is ever ok.

Forever 21, And What begat The. And The begat Fuck.


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20 Responses to WTFringe Plus-Size Pants of Satan

  1. I almost just busted out laughing in the middle this completely silent library. The doodle on the devil picture? Priceless. I hate fringe.

  2. Kathleen N.

    Hahaha! Fringe on big girl spandex pants is never a good idea. What the hell do you wear with that? From what I can tell from the picture she just slapped on an orange t-shirt and brown boot sandal things. Huh? Brown with black? The horror! Everything about this is just gross!

  3. administrator

    Haha. Cartoons of the devil are funny on their alone. You add fringe to that and all bets are off.

  4. Beth B.

    Those are Zumba pants!

  5. Ayden


  6. Stephanie

    If I wore plus sizes I’d be frickin pissed at the selection that F21 has….it’s like they made a goal to design the most unflattering plus-size collection to ever hit the market. Awful.

  7. Annie

    This just made my day. I’m not going to lie, I feel like these could be a safety hazard. Like if you are wearing them to the mall to by some real pants and they get stuck in the escalator.

  8. Plus size or not, that’s not a good look.

  9. ohhhh WTForever21, you’ll forever have a place in my laugh library, the doodle on the devil pic, really? You’re toooo much! Don’t ever stop.
    ps – great font match up!

  10. pwhahaha I posted this on your FB page LMBOOOOOO I’m so glad you did the cartoon LMBO! Tooooo Funny!

  11. administrator

    lindsey – thanks for the compliment. I think the devil’s face does most of the work here. so sneaky and smug. i love it.

  12. administrator

    Annie – haha oh please. i’m sure these leggings disappear into a puff of polyester as soon as you look at them wrong. They’d just come right the hell off if they got caught on something.

  13. administrator

    Stephanie – i think they try but fail to create on trend pieces in plus sizes. The fit always looks bad and plus size clothes (clothes in general) are all about the right fit.

  14. administrator

    Beth – Stop exercising! Start PARTYING! IN FRINGE!!

  15. administrator

    Kathleen – I don’t know who these fringe spandex pants would look good on. Just, no.

  16. administrator

    Sarah Jessica – i can’t stand fringe either! I just think it’s trashy to the max. At best you look like a Vegas showgirl on her day off. At worst you look like time traveling prostitute from 1983.

  17. Rebecca Fox

    As a plus size woman myself, and someone who happens to be religious, I find your critique to be…

    SPOT ON. Our Forever 21 recently got a makeover, so my plus-size sister and I went to spend a gift certificate she got. WTF, indeed! Leopard print mesh leggings? One shoulder gold lame top with back cutout? Denim mini, WITH fringe?

    We laughed so hard we cried, contemplated what PROFESSION the women who bought these things must be in. Then we bought a fedora and left.

    Awful. Just awful.

  18. administrator

    Rebecca – I am going to end all my stories with “then we bought a fedora and left” from now on.

  19. sm3

    The pants are not being worn in the most flattering way. These pants are a nice trend, The model has on ugly clumpy shoes and a box cut orange shirt with no flair to it. It’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear it and how your body is proportioned for the fit.

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