WTFourth of Fuck-ly

This is so bad I had to post it immediately.

What exactly about any of this shirt makes sense? I won’t even go into how many violations of the flag code AND my well being are happening here.

And for fashion’s sake, why now?? Perhaps to boost national morale in this, one of our darkest fiscal hours? If that’s what it’s for then they shouldn’t have priced it at $14.80.

They should have priced it at what it’s worth, which is NOT A DAMN.

It’s like a People of Walmart uniform. Pair it with bright red booty shorts, morbid obesity and a rascal scooter and you’ve got a traumatic childhood incident waiting to happen.

For SHAME, Forever 21. That is our FLAG.

And you’ve shamelessly whored it up with lipstick and fake eyelashes and paraded it around like a Toddlers & Tiaras reject on Ritalin.


You just HAD to add rhinestones. The addition of rhinestones meant whoever designed this shirt, after taking Old Glory and making her look like she’d been rode hard and put away wet, then slapped Marilyn Monroe’s face on this … thing, looked it over and said to themselves,

“More. It needs MORE … RHINESTONES.”

Well, at least the model looks happy …


Forever 21, WTF?


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11 Responses to WTFourth of Fuck-ly

  1. isn’t that nicole from ANTM?

  2. ringtheory

    Yes, it is! She is currently modeling quite a few items on Forever 21, many of them VERY questionable.

  3. Sarah

    What happened to respecting the dead?

  4. evr

    wow that may be the worst thing I’ve seen yet

  5. there are here TEETH on her belly button. TEETH. yikes.

  6. Erica T.

    Awwww…. that makes me sad. I thought she was one of the cutest winners ever.

  7. ringtheory

    It’s a living, right? But looks how sad and upset she looks in most of the photos. It’s actually … kind of funny.

  8. ringtheory

    Isn’t it awful? The whole thing is just a huge clustereff.

  9. ringtheory

    HAH. Stay tuned.

  10. ringtheory

    RHINESTONES happened.

  11. MoxyFox

    Mostly it just looks like she has a face for her stomach.

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