WTF or Wonderful: Geo Print Shirtdress

Every so often I run across a piece from Forever 21 that toes the line between WTF and Wonderful.

Geo Print Shirtdress: $19.80

This dress toes one such line.

On the one hand, I could see myself strapping a thin belt around this bitch and rocking it as a tunic over black skinny jeans.

Or even unbottoning it to the tits and throwing on some cute sandals for a lazy Saturday farmer’s market stroll.

On the other hand, the print reminds me of a Fruit Stripe packet on acid. I seriously have the suspicion that if you put on Tommy and light a candle while looking at this dress, you will see your entire life. And The Devil. But then again, we know I’m paranoid.


Leave me a comment.

Is this WTF or Wonderful?


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15 Responses to WTF or Wonderful: Geo Print Shirtdress

  1. administrator

    Lacey – yeah, right? It’s kind of cool. And I love any kind of shirtdress because they are so versatile. They can be cute, sexy, office ready, all on the same day at different times of the day, by unbottoning, belting, tucking in.

  2. Ashley

    the pattern is WTF, but i like the idea of the dress.

  3. Ha I thought the same thing about it right off the bat… belt it and add some leggings and cute heels, and it might not be that bad. But I don’t think I’d buy it for it’s sheer lack of versatility. And borderline terrifyingness.

  4. administrator

    Ashley – the pattern is pretty nutso. I wish the pan collar were black and not more of the pattern. Kind of too much.

  5. administrator

    Suburban – right. That is the rub, isn’t it? That fact that it is borderline terrifying. You shouldn’t say that about your clothes. Or SHOULD you? Discuss!

  6. Shelley

    well I hate the collar, but if you’ve got the boobs for your unbuttoning idea (which the model does not), it could possibly work. Without (enough) boobs, it would just lay across your chest in the same fashion that it does buttoned. I know these things.

  7. Shelley

    PS the thought of considering clothing I own as borderline terrifying made me grin and giggle to myself.

  8. I vote wonderful. Like, in a modern day Mrs. Roeper kind of way. Hella haute.

  9. barb

    this dress is awful and ugly

  10. Jessie

    love it.

  11. Ashley

    Oh my gosh, I saw this shirtdress too and had the exact same thoughts! I kind of love the print more than hate it though, and the only gripe I have about the dress is the collar. I think I’m going to pick it up and see how to works for me and my body; if the dress doesn’t really fit well I’ll return it.

  12. Amber

    I love it! It is fun and funky with the possibility of a horrible wardrobe malfunction. How can you go wrong?!?!?!

  13. Rachel

    Love the pattern, hate the collar.

  14. Kelsey

    *Could* be done well, but in the wrong hands it’s definitely a terrifying mess. I really wish the collar were black! As part of the right outfit though, I think it could be really fun and unique.

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