WTF made for Occupy Wall St.

We’ve all seen the news reports. With the Occupy Wall St. movement breaking record highs of occupation on an almost daily basis and media outlets everywhere spilling over with headlines regarding the recent violence and police tension surrounding, it was only a matter of time before a big company stepped in and did something unselfish for the welfare of those protesters.

Who would have thought that company would be Forever 21.

In what I am going to wildly assume is a gesture of good faith and solidarity with the Occupy wall St. movement, Forever 21 has recently released a line of cold weather wear specially design and formulated to both serve and appeal to those courageous, tent dwelling individuals currently staring down the dark realization of the Winter cold.

Forever 21′s Occupy Wall St. Wear

Textured Rainbow Beanie: $12.80

Just because you’re facing the unpleasant proposition of spending hours in the cold chill of Manhattan’s nastier time of year, doesn’t mean you should let your fashion sense go out the window.

This extra warm beanie is as varied in colors as the movement itself and the tassels provide excellent facial coverage to prevent ice sickles from forming on your epic, post-graduate grown beard.

Yale Pom Pom Beanie: $9.80

This snuggly, wuggly school pride beanie is perfect for showing the world exactly which institution of higher learning robbed you of your financial peace of mind, ensuring you never get to retire and have to continue working well into your 70′s just for the health insurance. (Handwritten “I am the 99%” letter not included).

Geo Pattern Trapper Hat: $17.80

Like most trapper hats, this stylish and not at all ratty looking head covering serves more than one purpose.

Yes, it has the ability to keep your head warm to minimize the shivering of your body so you can hold those protest signs steady, but you can also turn it inside out and leave it on a stick in plain view to serve as a warming to squirrels to stay away from your camp site, lest they meet a similar fate as the rodent who gave it’s life for your head warmth.

Pom Pom Beanie: $7.90

Not only is this beanie affordable, it also features ample room for your white girl dreads as well as a hallowed out poof for storing rolling papers.

Forever 21, Fight the Power.


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14 Responses to WTF made for Occupy Wall St.

  1. Bunni

    I thought I was the only one who was disturbed by the lack of people of color at the Occupy Together encampments! The media makes it seem like those movements are a case of the White Whine….seriously!

    With that in mind, those beanies are very cute and I’d wear them in LA :)

    Also, if you’re gonna go to the Occupy gatherings, you should at least do it in TRUE style, like from this scene from the movie “The Trotsky”:

  2. administrator

    Haha – so funny. This makes me want to dress up as a Black Panthress for Halloween.

  3. Bunni

    I used to dress that way when I was a hardcore Mechista at CSUN. Nothing says “I’m gonna fuck you up, fascist pig” like a black floor-length trenchcoat and a beret with a star ^_^

    I actually was Che Guevara one year….my homies loved it! ^_^

  4. Estella

    A beanie in LA?wipe that sweat off ur brow and move to a climate that actually calls for it!

  5. Bunni

    @Estella: I live in Long Beach, not too far from the coast. So it does get quite cold :P Even though I’m a big girl, I still get cold easily -_-

  6. linday

    the yale beanie is fine. shut up about it. its not bad looking at all and yale is an amazing school. take that down now.

  7. Esther

    Not trying to sound rude or anything, but all of the people I know who shop at Forever 21 would not be able to go to Yale or Harvard because they’re at average at best intelligence. I have no idea why Forever 21 OF ALL STORES would sell Harvard or Yale hats. Or are they aiming those hats at the pretentious pseudo-intellectuals? Yeah, I think that’s it.

  8. administrator

    Esther – are you saying that being rich automatically makes you smart and being poor automatically makes you dumb?

  9. evr

    the first hat is a crime against humanity

  10. Karen

    evr – Which is why I bought it! Yep, it’s going to my teenage daughter for Christmas. Her little hippie/grunge self will love it.

  11. administrator

    Karen – that’s awesome! Send us pics of her reaction!

  12. Penelope

    Haa you are too funny

  13. Esther

    No, I’m not saying that poor people are inherently dumb, nor that rich people are inherently smart. In fact, most of the kids I know who shop at Forever 21 are fairly well-to-do, some of whom are millionaires. They go to Forever 21 because it’s the one store where they can go on constant shopping sprees. The people whom I’ve personally known from Ivy League institutions don’t shop at Forever 21. They seem to regard it as bad quality and too much of a fad. I just don’t think they understand their target audience. But then again, I’m only referring to the Ivy League grads and former faculty that I know.

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