Wonderful Wednesday: The Great Gatsby

As far as fashion is concerned, the ’20s was one of the sexiest decades in American history.

Everything a woman wore had a loose quality to it. As if at any moment, with the next jitterbug or Charleston shake, her clothes could slip right off.

It was a different kind of sensuality. It was about luxury. Glitz, glam and excess. Gin martinis, champagne coupes overflowing with bubbly, liquid gold.

WEALTH, my chickens. Lush, seductive wealth. It was an evil time. It was the calm before the storm and the moment before real desperation.

But just because Gatsby spent his whole life breaking the law and doing business with dangerous bedfellows just to impress one snotty rich girl into loving him, doesn’t mean you have to turn into a one-track-mind, label whore to look roaring twenties chic.

Ditsy Paillette Tunic: $27.80

Not on Wonderful Wednesday.

Pleated Lily Swing Dress: $27.80

The thing that bugs me about dressing with a particular decade in mind is a lot of people end up looking like they’re wearing a poorly put together costume. Like they were going for that flapper feel but didn’t go ALL the way and it just makes them look out of touch with reality (Why are you dressed like a rum runner at my cousin’s bar mitzvah?).

This minty little number has got the swingy feel and shape of a 1920′s garment. Even the print has got that vibe going on, but it’s still contemporary enough so people won’t be talking behind your crazy ass back.

Embellished Dolman Top: $29.80

Sequined Tie Back Top: $22.80

Wear this WITHOUT an undershirt. At most, with a black, lacy bra.

Flapper Pearlescent Necklace: $6.80


Rhinestoned Leaf Necklace: $15.80

Teardrop Deco Necklace: $5.80

Rhinestone Charm Bracelet: $3.80

Colorblocked Rhinestone: $3.80

Pearlescent Teardrop Earrings: $4.80

These look almost like replicas of the earrings Mia Farrow’s Daisy wears in the still above. Spread on the pearls and play with thin, delicate rhinestones. You don’t wanna go overboard, though. More like dangling your feet off the edge than overboard.

What I’m saying is, don’t wear a cap made of sea foam colored sequins to the club, mmmkay?

Forever 21, Wonderful.

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