Wonderful Wednesday: Pre-Spring Fling

February, you dirty bitch.

You are totally on the cusp of being in Spring but totally not in Spring and therefore still totally cold in some parts of the country.

There’s only one antidote to this indecisive weather and it just happens to be my absolute favorite accessory.


Stay a while, it’s Wonderful Wednesday.

Woven Scarf with Fringe: $6.50

Classic staple that’s cheap enough not to fret over when you inevitably lose it on the train or in some convertible sports car, hair blowing in the wind fantasy scenario happening sometime in the near Spring future.

Moroccan Market Scarf: $7.80

Pink, pretty, lightweight and feminine. Perfect for spreading out on lush grass in the park for an impromptu seat in warmer weather.

Artist Woven Scarf: $8.80

Lightweight, bright and bohemian. Just the thing to wrap around your neck during outdoor brunch in crisp, sunny weather.

Buffalo Plaid Scarf: $6.90

Basic no brainer. Keep it near the door and throw it on for quick trips to the corner store.

Forever 21, wonderful.


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5 Responses to Wonderful Wednesday: Pre-Spring Fling

  1. I dunno about the first pink one… I’m an animal science major, and all I can think of when looking at it is “cow uterus.” Sorry… :P

  2. Spot on, Taylor! Some strange kind of Jellyfish that assaults young tastless women also came to my mind… :)

  3. Anonymous

    that’s from anthropologie.

  4. Anonymous

    and… the first one is actually really cute. just not in that color

  5. Letty

    I like the 2nd and last 2 scarves.

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