Wonderful Wednesday: Perfect Pleats for a Lazy Lady

I’m trying something new this Wonderful Wednesday.

It’s called being too lazy to finish writing up The Great Gatsby inspired post I started last night.

Instead, here’s my clothes thrown on the floor in a way I would wear them!

Jacket: Forever 21 $27.80

Top: Macy’s Bar iii

Skirt: Forever 21 $17.80

Necklace: Dunno

Bracelet: Forever 21 $7.80

Shoes: Michael Antonio $44.99

Ring: Ariel Gordon Jewelry – (I got this for basically free with a coupon code)  $75


of this new Wonderful Wednesday format? It comes from the purest place of not wanting to either do research or even put on real clothes.

Let me know in the comments!


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10 Responses to Wonderful Wednesday: Perfect Pleats for a Lazy Lady

  1. jen

    I really like the skirt! Just gonna add that i also like normal wonderful wednesdays also :)

  2. This is super adorbs. I need to see it all together too, so I really like this format. I do adore the themed WW you do, but I understand it’s probably a bit of work, maybe make it less often, like a bi-weekly or monthly round up of the “Not Horrible” ?

  3. Oh I could still do themes. But I kind of like the idea of actually having the looks put together in real life.

  4. C

    I’d rather have the previous WW formats – gave me ideas on what to buy without digging through the site. I understand it’s time consuming though.

  5. WTForever21

    I get that, C. When I’m doing them I often think that’s what the reason is for it. So you all don’t have to dig through the crap to find the gems.

  6. Caitlin

    Oh, this is so cute! Like a preppy date night or something. Or for a reunion coffee with a former classmate, when you’re trying to pretend you weren’t sitting on your butt wearing sweatpants, eating chips and watching reruns of America’s Next Top Model not 15 minutes before meeting. For pretending you’re a successful, put-together adult!
    Not that that exact occasion occurred to me earlier this week or anything…

  7. MP

    Love the top, love love LOVE the skirt… the necklace I’m not really too sure of.

  8. WTForever21

    It looks like a knotted rope up close. I’ve had it for a LONG time.

  9. ID

    Love the way it’s presented. It gives me ideas on how to nicely wear some of their stuff + links if I would want to buy it. Keep it up!

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