Wonderful Wednesday: It’s Raining Men(swear Inspired Outfits)!

Ah, yes. The first rainy day of Autumn in LA.

It’s been coming down outside today like cats riding soaking wet dogs on chariots of water AND I LOVE IT!

Yes, people in Los Angeles act a fool when it rains. Yes, the weather turns cold and nasty and taking a walk is even lower on my scale of priorities when it rains. But that all means absolutely nothing in the face of the best reason to do a rain dance: Rain Weather Outfits! And since I am particularly partial to menswear inspired clothes during this time of year, this positive post is dedicated to looking posh while it’s positively pissing out.

Casual Tweed Vest: $19.90

Man up. It’s Wonderful Wednesday.

Classic Chambray Shirt: $17.80

Chambray shirts look hot on both men and women. If you’re a guy, roll up the sleeves on a chambray shirt. Leave the house. Watch the ladies (and/or fellas) flock to you like they’ve been bewitched by an Axe Body Spray commercial.

Textured Knit Blazer: $27.80

Rob Burgundy, eat your heart out. All you need now is many leather bound books and an apartment that smells of fine mahogany and you’re set.

Wool-Blend Pants: $22.80

I can think of few things more satisfying than slipping into a pair of perfectly fit wool blend pants, crisp and tailored, before heading out the door in the morning. Grabbing a coffee to go and pop your umbrella as you step out the door. Ah, rainy days.

Essential Woven Scarf: $4.90

Believe it or not, this patterned little dandy comes from the men’s side of Forever 21.  It’s light weight and versatile, so knot it up, drape it over and snuggle it close when it’s wet out there.

Keep Calm Tee: $15.90

One of the many reasons I enjoy being a girl is the right to wear whatever the eff I want, including men’s t-shirts, without anyone giving me a second look. Buy a super soft men’s tee in small and throw a crisp blazer on over it with black jeans, platform heels and edgy accessories for a comfortable yet polished look.

Forever 21, Wonderful.

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