Wonderful Wednesday: How to Dress for The Hunger Games

Like so very many if you out there in the land of WTF, I have recently become completely, butt crazy obsessed with the series that is The Hunger Games.

The story of a future world where teenagers are pitted against each other in an annual to-the-death, no holds barred arena game is not exactly new territory.  Never the less Katniss Everdeen, the heroine of the wildly popular Hunger Games trilogy, and her tough yet vulnerable, trusting yet cynical, beautiful yet brutal character has managed to work her way into my dark, shriveled little heart as well as the hearts of millions around the globe.

In hot anticipation of The Hunger Games’ March 23 opening date ( as well as the multitude of movie goers who will be seeing it dressed as their favorite character) and to honor the positive spirit WTForever 21 tries to embody during this time of the week, I present your guide for what to wear to The Hunger Games.

Effie Trinket (Elizabeth Banks) & Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence)

Belted Sundress: $14.80

May the odds be ever in your favor. It’s Wonderful Wednesday.

Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence)

┬áSeen here on the hunt outside her home district, Katniss is rocking her basic day-to-day which includes her belated father’s hunting jacket.

Exposed Seam Jacket: $26.45

While this is not the same color as pictured you should keep a few things in mind – the most important of those things being this is for a costume you’re going to wear to the showing of a midnight movie based on a Young Adult fiction novel series.

It’s 50% off. Buy a small and get on with your life.

Slub Knit Top: $12.80

Herringbone Denim Trousers: $27.80

Faux Sherling Distressed Boots: $18.99

Small Saddle Crossbody: $19.80

Citizens of The Hunger Games’ own Evil Empire, The Capital, wear some pretty extreme, out there fashions complete with sometimes gruesome cosmetic surgeries.

Cropped Feather Jacket: $32.80

It’s a safe bet this eggplant colored, fluffy number wouldn’t bring about the bat of an eyelash in the capital.

Longline Double Breasted Vest: $27.80

Capital citizens love anything luxe and shiny and according to screenshots from the upcoming film, jewel tones are also all the rage.

Essential Woven Skirt: $12.80

Ruffled Peplum Top: $17.80

This is a good starting point to begin layer from. Ruffles, rosettes, out of control puffs and bubble hems – all tell-tale signs of a capital citizen.

Iridescent Skinny Jeans: $27.80

Okay, now I think Forever 21 is just making stuff specifically for future people who want to run casual errands but also remain fabulous. Who else is going to want to wear iridescent skinny jeans more than once?

Ombre Flower Hair Clip: $2.50

This clip is almost too small for what would be considered fashionable in the capital. Try to find the biggest one possible and if you can’t find a huge one, just get three and group them together.

Seriously. They go hard on flower hair clips in Panem.

If you’re going to see The Hunger Games at midnight on March 23, will you dress up?? And if so, as who/what?

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