Wonderful Wednesday: Holiday Party Outfits

My favorite thing about holiday parties is the sequins. It’s as if for a few days between Thanksgiving and January 1, the rules of the world are turned topsy-twinkly and everything, including wardrobes, seem to project a little extra shimmer.

Let us pay homage to the most wonderful time of the year with a post that’s all about holiday sparkle.


Sequin Sweetheart Dress: $27.80

Come join the party. It’s Wonderful Wednesday.


Cap Sleeve Pleated Dress: $24.80

The sheen on this frock is subtle and sultry. Perfect to wear to the office during the day with an embellished cardigan and flats – they’d make an easy switch to cocktails after work.


Rhinestone A-line Tunic: $29.80

A little glitz on the detail of this jet black tunic turns it into more than just an easy to wear basic.



Sequin Burst Top: $27.80

Who says wearing green to a Christmas party is tacky? This soft, mossy hue is the perfect backdrop for the spangles at the collar. And the knotted back is a sexy way to show extra skin.


Shimmer Boyfriend Cardigan: $22.80

Perfectly pumpkin colored with a shimmery texture throughout, this comfortable fit cardigan is ideal for Thanksgiving dinner.


Contrast Collar Blazer: $29.80

When it comes to looking dapper and dazzling, we really shouldn’t let men have all the fun. This blazer and it’s satiny collar can add a layer of luxe to even the most basic black tee and jeans. Try throwing it over a sequin camisole for an extra special occasion look.


Textured Metallic Skirt: $15.80

Pair with a crisp, white button up, a high ponytail and dramatic jewelry for pulled together va-va-voom.


Sparkling Collar Necklace: $14.80

There is no time like ringing in the new year to bust out the bling bling. It’s not every day you have an excuse to wear this many rhinestones. Take advantage!


Tiered Rhinestone Earrings: $5.80

If you decide to go for broke with big, chandelier earrings, skip a necklace all together and put some distance between your razzle dazzle by wearing a bracelet and rings instead.


Sparkling Cuff Bracelet: $10.80

Sure, it’s over the top rhinestone city, but New Years Eve is also the biggest party night on the planet! If you keep the rest of your styling a bit subdued you can definitely get away with this much fake ice.


High Polish Shell Clutch: $15.84

Art deco inspired and just the right size for cell, credit cards, ID and beauty essentials. I just love how high shine glamour puss this is.


Suedette Rhinestone Flats: $16.80

Soft basic with a sparkly edge. Flats are the best choice when you’re running toward Times Square or trying to find your kissing partner at the countdown.

Forever 21, Wonderful.


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8 Responses to Wonderful Wednesday: Holiday Party Outfits

  1. I love the blazer and the necklace! I feel like I would buy the blazer with the best intentions because let’s face it, it’s totally rad. Then it would die a slow (but pretty) death in my closet because I would never be able to figure out what to wear with it.

  2. administrator

    Kathleen! You can totally wear that blazer with a white t-shirt and jeans! Or a light weight camisole with some beaded detail and a black skirt. I’d keep it black and white, though, if I wasnt going to pair with denim. Pretty much anything black or white is safe with that blazer.

  3. Estella

    Gorgeous:-)always love what you pick for these stories,i esp want that white n black blazer for new years eve!

  4. administrator

    Estella – the blazer is my favorite, too. I’m totally getting it.

  5. I want so many of these things…gah… It’s F21 <3

  6. Anonymous

    Those first two dresses are great, and the blazer is fab. Ditto that cardigan. Not really feeling the skirt, but if I see it the way you’ve said could be styled, it’d probably win up looking great also.

  7. administrator

    Anon – yes the skirt could be iffy. But if you rock it crisp and clean it can be sophisticated. It’s probably a little too short for a family function, though. But I’d wear it out “to the club,” as they say.

  8. Michelle

    Forever21 stuff with sparkles that’s not tacky? Huh. That’s a first.

    By the way, can you do a post on these horribly tacky shorts?


    Hint: it involves sequins and activewear.

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