Wonderful Wednesday: Forever 21′s Unsanctioned Missoni Collab

What? What’s that you’re saying? SLOW DOWN, I can’t understand you over the full body, heaving sobs!

Oh. OHHH. You didn’t get what you wanted from the Missoni for Target collection? You got to Target yesterday morning specifically FOR the Missoni for Target collection at 6am only to watch helplessly as a frenzy of over-caffeinated women tore ass across the store, leaving with shopping carts piled high with two of everything, like some kind of crazy Zig Zag printed Noah’s Ark?

Well, don’t be sad! Forever 21 has got your back with their OWN (albeit completely unsanctioned) Missoni-esque designs!

Zig Zag Dress: $22.80

Click away from that eBay listing, honey.

It’s Wonderful Wednesday.

F21 Zig Zag Scarf: $9.80

Thinking about all the adorable accessories you missed by not rising from your bed at the crack of dawn and doing battle with deranged fashion students and rabid eBay sellers? Wish you could go back in time and stay up till 3am to log on to Target.com and snag all the snuggly scarves from Missoni for Target before they were all snatched away by opportunists and people who just wanted it WAY more than you?

Fear not! Now you can slightly minimize those regrets with items like the scarf above from Forever 21′s “Zig Zag” collection.

It may not be the real thing, but it’s also not going for $300 on eBay right now.

These velour shorts are completely out of stock on Target.com.

Zig Zag Hot Short: $17.80

These Forever 21 “Zig Zag” pattern shorts aren’t made of velour but they DO give you camel toe. If that’s … a benefit.

Zig Zag Socks: $.95

Zig Zag Stretchy Bracelet: $8.80

Hooded Zigzag Top: $19.80

Zig Zag Strapless Dress w/Belt: $22.80


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10 Responses to Wonderful Wednesday: Forever 21′s Unsanctioned Missoni Collab

  1. Ohhhh! Zig-zaggy shorts and camel toe! Definitely a HOT look!

  2. Jen

    I love how they so elegantly sum up Missoni in two words. “Zig Zag.” It’s just zig zags people.

  3. At Forever21, scarves are larger than shorts. Because covering your neck is more important than covering your…

  4. pwhahahaha F21 is a mess, they stay swagger jacking something LMBO

  5. administrator

    Michelle – they ALWAYS have something that’s way too close to be a coincidence. But I guess that’s what they’re business model is based on. They’re not the only ones.

  6. administrator

    natasia – everyone knows necks are bigger erogenous zones than butt cheeks. Get WITH it.

  7. administrator

    Jen – it is mostly zig zags, yes. It’s also a big part of their brand identity which has been established over years and years. It’s also not something they can trademark or copyright so they are assed out when someone wants to copy it.

  8. administrator

    Rebecca – camel toe will always get you noticed. Remember that the next time you strap on a pair of shorts.

  9. evr

    gotta say thanks for this post as well. I noticed everyday leading up to the target-missoni collab, and for several days after, F21 had an explosion of like 200 zig zag items. made me roll my eyes.

  10. Pilar

    Your outfits are so cute! You have such cute style!Quick quositen: what size would you recommend on the blue Missoni zig zag dress for someone who is usually a small on top and a med on the bottom? Would you say it is comfortable all around?Thanks!

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