Wonderful Wednesday: Cozy, Comfy & Cute

There’s something about the Fall and Winter seasons that makes you wanna bake an apple, drink some warm cider and snuggle up with a fluffy blanket on the couch to watch the leaves and rain fall and think about where your life is going while Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight” plays softly in the background.

But just because you’re drinking spiced apple juice and bumming it around the house, doesn’t mean you have to look like a bridge troll while doing it. In celebration of the gently, crisp breeze and lovely fresh weather to come this Fall, let’s take a look at some of the Forever 21′s affordable finds that’ll keep us all snug as a bug in a ploly-blend rug while still maintaining our feminine mystique.

Checkered Woven Shirt: $14.80

Get your snuggle on. It’s Wonderful Wednesday.

V-Neck Sweater: $11.50

I seriously can’t resist a cream colored, super soft v-neck sweater, especially one that costs less than your average weekday lunch. Plus, they can be layered over and under and in between which makes them endlessly wearable.

Elbow Patch Cardigan: $26.90

Gold button details and soft elbow patches make you feel like a sexy librarian in the comfort of your own home while catching up on reading “The Hunger Games.”

Drawcord Athletic Pants: $19.80

I’m a firm believer in wearing yoga pants at any and all appropriate opportunities, mostly because of how they make your ass look (phenomenal) and secondly because they provide all the comfort of sweat pants with none of the “I’ve given up on my life and now there is only ice cream and cat videos” vibe.

Ruffled Striped Top: $10.80

Comfort does not always have to equal frump-fort. This top, with it’s delicate thin straps and fun tiered ruffles, provides ample mid section¬†camouflage¬†and has a silky, satin feel that’ll make you never want to take it off.

Purl Knit Open Cardigan: $32.80

Trade in that ratty, pink polka dot terry cloth robe for something a little more flattering. Use a longer cardigan with a self-tie belt and keep that old robe in the bathroom where it belongs.

Soft Open Knit Scarf: $10.80

The deep affection I have for scarves simply knows no bounds. They’re soft, sexy and infinitely usable. Wear it knotted, draped, folded or just tie it around the strap of your purse for later. No matter how you wear a scarf, it always adds a cool element.

Forever 21, Wonderful.


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5 Responses to Wonderful Wednesday: Cozy, Comfy & Cute

  1. Alyssa

    Fuck yeah Phil Collins. I also really like the elbow patch sweater. I just wish the patches were a little more inconspicuous lol.

  2. Erica :)

    i LOVE how you equate phil collins to a cozy day! your coolness quotient just went up megafold!

  3. I was going to say the same thing about Phil Collins that Alyssa and Erica said, but instead I’m just writing this, I guess.


  4. Itshokeng

    I voted keep on both items. The lace detail is unquie and the cardigan reminds of some of the lace sweaters I want from J. Crew this season but for a much better price. Totally thinking about getting this one for myself :) I agree that the second top may seem plain but it’s exactly the type of staple I’d wear. So easy to don on when you’re just going for simple and casual. Love the exposed zipper and you would easily dress it up with accessories.

  5. Charisma

    The cardigan is cute and I like the lace in the back, but I’m not sure about kenepig it. LOL, I would factor price. Ultimately, it comes down to how much do you love it? :) It is cute though :) I think I’m in the minority, since I do like the sweater and how casual it looks. I think it would look cute with a nice statement necklace, and some skinnies. Add a belt sometimes, or not. It can easily be dressed up =) and worn often!

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