Wonderful Wednesday: Chanel without the Credit Card Hell

Living in Los Angeles amongst both the rich and the famous, I am presented almost daily with a double edged sword of delights and disappointments.

We have amazing restaurants with amazing food that are sometimes so amazing you have to wait a fortnight before you can actually eat in them.

The streets are littered with beautiful women and the odds of seeing an actual celebrity can go from slim to none to almost unavoidable with the change of a zip code.

And, most importantly, we have every shop you could ever want and every shop you could never afford to actually shop in.

One of those shops just happens to be one of my favorites.

One of those shops is Chanel.

Even though I love the crisp, clean lines and posh quilted loveliness this super luxe brand has to offer, I’m in no position to pay super luxe prices.

However, through the wonders of Forever 21′s copy cattish homage items to Chanel, we can all indulge our silly desire to look like skeleton puppet genius Karl Lagerfeld’s dream girl.

Leatherette Rose Bag: $19.00

If you can’t afford Rodeo Drive, why not just take a stroll down Front Street?

Take a walk with me, ladies. It’s Wonderful Wednesday.

Rosette Collar Necklace: $7.80

Chanel kind of wrote the book on pearls, flowers, black and white and bows. These accessories combine a lot of those elements.

Lovely Ring Set: $4.00

Pearlescent Clip On Earrings: $3.80

Woven Cloche: $14.80

Leatherette Bow Cuff: $4.00

Layered Pearlescent Pearl Necklace: $12.80

This is VERY Chanel. I’d be willing to bet Lagerfeld poops pearls into a pearl coated toilet and wipes his butt with pearl lined toilet paper.

Pearlescent Wrap Watch: $18.00

Rhinestone Roses Bracelet: $10.00

Cute Hair Bows Pins: $2.50

Leatherette Rosette Headband: $2.50

This right here is pretty much the only time I am ever going to say anything positive about rosettes, so take a long look people.


Dainty Lace Shift Dress: $24.80

I’d recommend some knee high black socks with this to sex it up a bit. As much as I hate women who act like sexy, sexy babies I kind of love the look of being dressed as a sexy, sexy baby.

Just no thumb sucking, please.

Button Placket Sweater: $17.80

Belted Wide Leg Trousers: $27.80

Wide leg is the way Chanel likes to roll. And they’re not pants. They’re trousers.

Chain Link Jacket: $18.99 (on sale)

Forever 21, Wonderful.


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2 Responses to Wonderful Wednesday: Chanel without the Credit Card Hell

  1. sea hag

    I would straight stab someone for a tweed Chanel blazer.

  2. Yaren

    I love how the necklaces in the scoend pic look like they’re drippin down. Love that effect, like they’ve been poured on. Loving the pearl in the mouth of the lion head too.My other favourites are definitely the bangles. All of them! Really like the multi toned clear resin ones, very spring. xxx

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