Wonderful Wednesday: Act Like a Lady, Dress Like a Dame

I love summertime.

Summertime, when the days are long and warm and we can spend weekends in the grass, dining on ripe, red strawberries like fat little rabbits. When legs go bare and shoulder blades brown up in the golden sun.

 Right now the trend is neon colored hipster frenzy in tube tops and cheesy cut offs, but today I am calling for a return to the lady-like art of summer wear.

Time to put on your big girl pants.

It’s Wonderful Wednesday.

Talk about hot pants! Ann Margaret was rocking colored jeans way before it become the ever present trend it is today. It’s a bold, bright look but she manages to stay classy and approachable by not piling on the accessories and keeping her shoes simple.

Rose Garden Shirt: $14.80

Floral Art Top: $17.80

Essential Woven Capris: $14.80

Always lovely. Always chic. Even in bare feet and flat ponytail.

Grace Kelly’s genes have single handedly kept the Monaco monarchy looking super sexy for the past 60 years or so.

Long Sleeve Button Up: $15.80

Cuffed Linen Blend Shorts with Belt: $11.90 (on sale)

Lauren Bacall. One half of arguably the most legendary silver screen duo of all time.

Hyper intelligent, brassy and beautiful. Bacall was so stylishly savvy decades ago, her outfit could be worn completely unchanged on a warm day in Central Park RIGHT NOW.

Lace Panel Bodysuit: $19.80

Nautical Linen Blend Shorts: $17.80

Beaded Thong Sandals: $14.80

Oh, Liz Taylor. Seen here in one of her candid moments with one of (many) men in her troubled, diamond studded life, she looks almost girlish and pretty rather than drop dead gorgeous.

Approachable, sassy yet sweet.  She looks like she’s ready to do absolutely nothing and is up for anything all at once.

Sheer Lace Panel Tunic: $12.50

Floral Applique Cami: $15.80

Textured Eyelet Skirt: $22.80

Essential Matelot Shorts: $10.80

Beaded Hearts Necklace: $8.80

This slice of sexy is my absolute personal favorite – the incomparable Catherine Deneuve.

Owner of quite possible one of the most lovely faces on planet Earth and probably beyond, she’s exudes an undeniably sweet and sensual charm.

Tier Front Shift Dress: $17.80

Tiered Bow Headband: $2.50

Sparkle & Shine Earrings: $3.80

Embossed Faux Crocodile Wallet: $9.50

Forever 21, Wonderful.


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5 Responses to Wonderful Wednesday: Act Like a Lady, Dress Like a Dame

  1. Chloe

    I love-LOVE- this list but you forgot one of the best actresses, Hedy Lamarr. She was a-freaking-mazing.

  2. administrator

    Chloe – I’ll have to add her to the list of female style icons!

  3. Chloe

    Awesome, she’s definitely worth adding to your list. Plus because of her we get to have Wi Fi and Cellphones.

  4. Amanda

    Love this post!! Add some Audrey Hepburn to your list, too!

  5. Nicole

    This is my favorite post on this site! Please do more like this!

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