Wonderful or WTF: Retro Print Tie Back Dress

Every now and again I find myself caught between feelings and fall into an abyss of deep emotional turmoil. Like that moment right after you eat the WHOLE DAMN THING. You know it’s bad, but it also felt SO damn good.

It’s kind of like enjoying the smell of your own fart, not being sure if the milk is spoiled and trying to figure out if tonight is a date or if you’re just going over to his place to “hang out,” all rolled into one.

I lead a very confusing life.



Retro Print Tie Back Dress: $27.80

This dress is just another in a long line of head scratchers. I enjoy the length and the tie back detail but the print, ladies and gentlemen? The print is That 70′s Couch status. It looks like upholstery. And trust me, it is NOT good for your self esteem to have someone mistake you for an arm chair at a house party.


Let’s discuss it in the comments, shall we?


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4 Responses to Wonderful or WTF: Retro Print Tie Back Dress

  1. I’m with you on the cut and the tie back. I like those (though I prob wouldn’t get it because the tie back limits layerability). But the print? Not really a huge fan. I suppose on the right person, with the right shoes and accessories, it could work. But I think “the right person” is SUPER limited, and this is more likely to be a fail than a win.

  2. Ashley

    the color of the dress is awful…and the print yikes. they could have made it wonderful so easily!

  3. Shelley

    cute…on the right person. I don’t think it’s a good color choice for the model’s skin tone, but it could work with a different one.

  4. Alexa

    Sweet baby Jesus, no. This is awful.

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