Wonderful or WTF: High Waist Overalls

I always say some people can make anything look good. On them, the biggest WTFs become the best scenarios.

Every once in a while WTForever21.com readers decide to test the fashion fates and see if they can overturn a miscarriage of style.

Exhibit A:

“When I first saw these pants I thought, ‘Who on earth would ever wear those?’ I gave Forever 21 the benefit of the doubt since Halloween was fast approaching, reasoning they were probably reaching out to their railway professioned and old paper boy clientele. So I bought a pair for a one time use costume even if I was dissatisfied with the way I looked when I tried them on in the fitting room. After going home and trying to ignore the fact that I bought something for $20+ dollars that I was never going to wear, I thought of giving them a second chance. Low and behold they are wonderful and I am glad I have ever pitied them in the first place.”


Has she salvaged those overalls?

Are they Wonderful or still WTF?

Let us know in the comments!


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8 Responses to Wonderful or WTF: High Waist Overalls

  1. Katie

    She almost pulls it off, but those pants are just plain unflattering. Don’t buy something at F21 unless you love it. :-)


    Proof is in this pudding: on the right frame (thin) with the right accessories (that belt is to die for) and the right eye-wear and hair, just about anything can be “pulled off”. There is still no doubt in my mind that if I put these on, I would pass for a cross between an 80s movie gone HORRIBLY awry and an 80s movie gone horribly AWRY.

  3. administrator

    I think she looks really cute. I would never wear this though. I would look like I was carrying around an pair of toddlers wedged in my butt cheeks.

  4. loli

    she looks cute but the pants look way to big on her . unflattering!!!

  5. jaba

    “administrator” said it best. LOL.

  6. Reira

    Still WTF. Maybe someone out there can pull them off, but that someone is not her.

  7. elena

    sorry, but it’s still wtf. They are very, very unflattering.

  8. Anonymous

    Hmm its definitely a look, and I actually think it works on her. A bit jarring at first, but it looks cuter with if you see it a couple more times.

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