Wonderful or WTF? Cutout Collar Dress

If you haven’t flipped through a magazine or trolled a celebrity style blog lately, then you probably aren’t aware of the cutout trend that’s clomped a trail off the runways and onto the bodies of famous and normal people alike this summer.


Cutout Collar Dress: $24.80

Usually the awkward slits and even more awkward wide triangle shapes cut out of perfectly good dresses focus on the waist area or that ever so sexy area on a woman’s body she is always trying to accentuate – her ribs.

But this little pink dandy has focused its efforts North and created a kind of floating collar effect. I can’t decide if this is really cool or just really dumb.

On one hand it looks almost futuristic. Like casual wear from 2001. Or something Judy Jetson would throw on for a picnic in a park elevated above the smog.

On the other hand, it also looks just fucking silly and impractical. The tan lines alone would be a pain in the ass.


Is this dress Wonderful or is it yet another garment to filed under WTF? Your comments will decide its fate when I do a recap post on Friday!


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20 Responses to Wonderful or WTF? Cutout Collar Dress

  1. Chloe

    I think it would depend of the person. I know a few people that could pull it off, but there’s no way in hell you’d see that on me because it wouldn’t look right.

  2. I know. I couldn’t wear it cus my bubbies would cause a strangle situation.

  3. Katie

    I like it! It does look a bit unusual, but I think it’s rather cute!

  4. I love it! I think it’s adorable!

  5. administrator

    It is a little future retro, which is neat. Like a fifties housewife transported to next century.

  6. brandi

    It definitely looks interesting. I think I’d have to try it on, just for kicks, to give a final judgement. I do like the collar. I like menswear inspired pieces for women and that collar is a slight nod to it. Ohhh I wonder what it’d look like in simple black and white!

  7. ireliux

    pass…. this is one of those trends that when we’re as wrinkled as prunes we’ll look back (and our grandchildren…) and say: WTF!!???

  8. Viv

    It looks cute. I honestly like it. But I don’t think I would ever wear it. It would probably never look this cute on me.

  9. Lynnnz

    It grows on you. I think it’s kinda clever and cute.

  10. Liana

    I love it, but I wish it was a different color. Like navy blue maybe.

  11. Melora

    It would be so cute with a shirt under it, but with only a line of buttons and a collar, I think if it were actually worn in public it would fall into WTF territory.

  12. administrator

    You know, Liz, this gives me the same kind of vibe as the pink one. I don’t know what to think anymore. My world – she is turned upside down!

  13. Kelli

    I would so wear it (: I think it’s another one of those things where you have to have a certain body shape and stuff to pull it off though.

  14. Super cute dress! I love this post.

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  15. Kelli – agreed.

    Melora – with a shirt underneath it, it’d basically be a regular button-up!

    I, for one, vote no. I think it’s a bit uggo.

  16. Katie

    I have the urge to grab a pair of scissors and cut the peter pan collar off.

  17. IM SO CONFUSED! collar, wtfor?

  18. brandi

    okay, so I saw something at F21 with this collar. i think it was the black sheer dress that Liz posted a few comments up. the collar does come off, but i don’t know if that makes it any better. i didn’t find the pink dress so i don’t know if that’ll be any better, but the material on the sheer black dress just looked and felt cheap.

  19. Charii

    Ahdfhdfkl. I fell in love! But sadly, it’s sold out. It’s cute and marvelously unique. One troublesome factor is that I have a rather large bust and, well, it’ll look so abnormal on my body. Ugh, how annoying. -.- I’m totally fucked.

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