When a Good Deal Really Isn’t

I was smack dab in the middle of a long car ride into Michigan when I heard a report on satellite radio about fake sales, the practice of retailers over inflating prices so they can later offer deep discounts without taking a real big hit.

The consumer assumes they’ve gotten a good deal and the retailer doesn’t lose their shirt. It’s a fundamentally dishonest way to go about doing things, but in the end, everyone is usually happy and the costumer if mostly none the wiser.

Well, WTForever 21 reader Shannon got wise to Forever 21 this month in a most alarming way.

According to Shannon, she purchased the below pictured top online at Forever21.com during a clearance sale for $15.99.


She thought she was getting a good deal. That is, until the top actually came in the mail and she took a gander at the tag attached to it.


While Forever 21 had sold the top online at an allegedly discounted rate of $15.99, the tag on the tastefully bedazzled tee she received read $15.80.

A FINAL SALE, NOT RETURNABLE $15.80 that, according to Shannon, they charged her $15.99 for ON SALE.

This takes fake sales to a whole new level and “Go fuck yourself, customer” sentiment into Olympic Gold standard stratosphere. Yes, it’s only a $.19 difference, but that small difference sends a big message. The big message being “We quite literally give approximately zero fucks about even LOOKING like we give zero fucks.”

Well, Forever 21, I’ve got a message for you. Probably familiar with it by now. It’s an oldie but a goodie.

Forever 21, WTF?


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12 Responses to When a Good Deal Really Isn’t

  1. jen

    whoa… i don’t like that….

  2. Elan

    This doesn’t surprise me in the least. My latest shitty experience was with their “buy one get one free” sale. I bought 6 items, three of which were free under the discount, right? Then a few days later I get an email saying that 3 of the items I ordered are actually out of stock…guess which three…the three free items of course! And the items which I wound up paying regular full price for were “final sale”. It seems way too weird to be just a coincidence…I feel cheated that the “buy one get one free” sale was really more of a “trick you into paying double for half the merchandise” sale.

  3. whitney

    That happened to me with a couch once. They jacked up the price and then knocked off 40% so I only payed about $50 less than I would have at their regular price. Needless to say I was pissed.

  4. Erica

    the layne bryant outlet stores always do this. they mark things up about 10-15$ and then discount them to normal price.

  5. Estella

    Im not sticking up for Forever21 but that pricing may have been some sort of glitch and/or mistake on the website.Normally their items end with .50 or .80.This is so Forever 21s fault.What happened to her def stinks.Im not an expert thats my guess as to what may have happened!

  6. Estella

    I jst zoomed in on the receipt,many of the items end in .99 how bizarre,there must be some sort of a scam

  7. Alyssa

    They’re just big ol assholes plain and simple.

  8. wifebot

    This reminds me of the Gap-Banana-Old Navy revolving door of 25-40 % off coupons I receive multiple times a week. I will literally never buy a full-price item from any of those three stores because the kind of behavior they train their consumers to engage in is discounted shopping only.

  9. Marie

    As irritating as this is, a lot of retail stores have webstores that offer different merchandise, different sales, and sometimes different prices than the actual stores. There are a lot of reasons, and it’s true that part of it is just to make some extra money from unsuspecting customers, but it’s also because the online store is competing with a different market than the local stores are. This USUALLY means things cost slightly less in the webstores, but not always. That being said, I’d be pissed and demand a return from customer service. In a polite manner, of course ;)

  10. Shannon

    The barcode on the tag(the left-top corner) isn’t EVEN close to the one on the receipt. SO they either sent her the wrong shirt, or the customer is lying.

  11. flatlandfashiongirl

    Hmmm… I shop online ALOT, and sometimes there is a glitch in the system and you get charged more/less than the actual posted price of the item. However, a screw up, is a screw up, and if happens to be the retailers fault, then they should ABSOLUTELY find a way to make the customer happy. ABSOLUTELY.

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