Very Punny

I guess Forever 21 doesn’t take it’s religious leanings too seriously.



Holey Rosary Top: $17.80

Either that or the lone comedian copywriter at Forever 21 is having their fun again.

Forever 21, Very Punny.


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5 Responses to Very Punny

  1. I just don’t understand ever since I’ve been following this blog i haven’t been able to step inside a F21 without laughing, and basically making the decision that I will not buy anything from here, their clothes are getting redic at this point. like who would want to buy that???

  2. Mut

    Hmmm… Cute girl wearing a shirt that says “holier than thou”. Either I have a filthy mind or that could be taken the wrong way…

  3. V

    I find myself going into F21 just to scope out the mannequins to see if they need disaster relief or not… If not, then I try to subtly add to the mayhem. sequined scarves for every faceless mannequins!

  4. Blair

    I’m not religious or even christian whatsoever but for some reason I actually like this shirt? I am a weird hypocrite? I guess I could wear it for my own personal irony… if I ever decide to shell out $18 for a hol(e)y sweatshirt

  5. Not gonna lie…if there was a different pun on the front of the shirt, I might want it. It looks comfy and sexy at the same time.

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