Urban Camo

Any smart, enterprising young man today knows that in order to survive in the concrete jungle you’ve got to think on your feet, protect your rep and maintain a constant air of mysteriously intriguing aloofness all at once.

And above all else, you have GOT to stay crisp.

But how does a sporting chap of meager means compete in the world of corporate sirship?

Two words – One Way of Life: Casual Camo.

Casual Camo Vest: $27.90

Well, hello there.

Camouflage Tie: $9.90

Combine the two for maximum stealthy sex mode effect.

My God… it’s like his entire torso is invisible to the naked eye yet at once irresistible to my lady senses.

I also have a strong desire to give him a raise … and go duck hunting.

Forever 21, Like a Boss.


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2 Responses to Urban Camo

  1. Stig Carlsson

    Somehow this reminds me of The Flintstones…

  2. Stig Carlsson

    Perfect for the visiting redneck little brother…

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