Trapper Hat Hair Piece


Knitted Trapper Hat: $12.80

Never has a marriage of acrylic, faux fur and polyester resulted in a union as extraordinary as this.


The fur is mashed up against the frontage of the hat with such finesse.

Not at all like it had been packed flat in plastic or combed upwards with a rough cat brush. Not at all like the beleaguered and abused backside of an Acapulco donkey or a swath of unkempt stage wig, mattered beyond repair from the level of abuse only community theater can provide.


These are the things which result in exemplary examples of trapper hats, such as the one you see majestically laid out before you.


The pioneers and Davy Crockett himself have WEPT for trapper hats thus.

So pure.

So regal.


Forever 21, You Rugged Sonofabitch.


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6 Responses to Trapper Hat Hair Piece

  1. callmestewey

    Knew it, knew it, KNEW IT. Like I said, a psychic.

  2. this can not. be. real…

  3. Nora

    I kinda love trapper hats. But this is… not okay at all…

  4. patty

    Hoooly shit. Thats just ew.

  5. administrator

    Nora – I have a trapper hat I really love to wear with jeans and comfy layers when the weather dips below 60 in LA, but yeah, this? It looks like a dead squirrel hide on a hat.

  6. administrator

    Andi – oh it’s real all right. Real ridiculous.

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