Top to Bottom: Wearing a Shirt as a Skirt

Keeping on the cusp of new fashion trends is hard work, if you consider hard work to be window shopping and finding a storage space big enough to house the hundreds of old magazines I refuse to toss out. And trends change so quickly, cycling through the truly innovative and back around to the same old, sometimes it can be hard to keep up with what’s chic and what’s shit.

Now comes a trend that seems to straddle the worlds of retro and ridiculous. BEHOLD – the Shirt as a Skirt silhouette.

The last time I tied a shirt around my waist was probably in the first grade and, not surprisingly, it wasn’t for fashion’s sake. As a special Fantastic Friday treat, J., the beautiful face, closet and mind behind, is guest posting on WTForever21 and has braved the waters of this daring trend, going where only people who have accidentally pissed their pants have gone before (and manages to look FABULOUS doing it!)

Here’s J’s take on the look, top to bottom.

“Shit guys I forgot my pants.”

Don’t worry, it happens to me *all* the time. Which is why I was so elated/relieved/excited when I found this new trend on Chictopia. An answer to all of our pesky pants-less conundrums: you can now wear your denim shirt as a skirt! Not only is it so freaking hot right now, but it’s also a fun magic trick that you can use to impress your friends at the next house party. Does it look like I’m sporting a long-sleeve shirt tied around my waist 80′s style? Well, yes, I technically am… I’m just also wearing it instead of pants…

This trend is coming soon to a Forever 21 near you. Will you rock the shirt-as-skirt? Or pass on this denim magic trick?

Check out J’s blog, J’s Everyday Fashion, to see her try out all the latest trends and runway looks for less.

And just in case you wanted to give this a go yourselves, here are the basics, F21 style.

Snap Up Denim Shirt (skirt): $19.80

Extended Basic Tank: $6.80

Forever 21, Fantastic.


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19 Responses to Top to Bottom: Wearing a Shirt as a Skirt

  1. Anna

    Don’t get me wrong, part of me actually likes this look. However, the only time I’ve ever tried to wear a shirt as a skirt was in college for a themed frat party. Which got me thinking: maybe this look would work better with a guy’s shirt and tank. This the classy version of “walk of shame,” forget putting on your dress from last night – just grab some of his clothes and rock it like you just fell out of the dressing room at Forever 21…

  2. I saw someone did this except, she turned her boyfriend’s shirt into a dress! It was actually pretty quite cute :p

  3. may

    This look is crazy! I hate it

  4. Kiri Anne

    I’m loving her shoes. Where are those from? I might even darken the F21 door for those puppies!

  5. MM

    In middle/high school, if a girl had a shirt tied around her waist it was because she got her period at school and didn’t want everyone to see the stains on her butt, even though said girl would try to play it off like she was just so hot that she had to take off her sweater and so cool that she would be so smart to think to tie it around her waist so she could have her hands free to carry her binder (backpacks are for loooooooooossssseeeerrss) so everyone could see the pictures of N’Sync that she carefully cut out and stuck on that shit.

  6. administrator

    Oh, N’Sync. I remember all the cheerleader girls being obsessed with them. Lance Bass should write an instructional manual on the art of trolling.

  7. administrator

    Hi Kiri – you should check out J’s blog, . Make a comment or check out the comments on her page for the answer!

  8. administrator

    Haha – it’s pretty nuts. But I think J actually pulls it out quite well.

  9. administrator

    OH! I wish you had pics of the B/F shirt dress. Did it just look like a normal shirt dress or did they somehow tie the sleeves in a strange way?

  10. administrator

    Anna – good idea. You hear that, sluts? Turn your shame into a fashion statement. I know I have on more than one occasion.

  11. Giselle

    oh man i remember this. yep i only did this when i unexpectedly got my period at school. because the female students had to wear light khaki pants as a uniform…really school, really?

  12. whatyoulookinat

    Shirt as a dress? Yes! Dress as a shirt? Yes! …… Shirt as…a…skirt? What? Huh? Why… I dunno. The “shirt-skirt” is just plain weird. As in, weird/strange, not weird/cool. Imagine if you wore it to school. The principal would be, like, “What is that girl wear….wait. What?! Where are her…pants? Top? Which part of her wardrobe is she NOT wearing, so I know what to tell her parents when I call them…..but seriously, what the hell……kids these days…..”

  13. Hahaha, I found you through J. You’re a hilarious writer!!! I just spent like 20 min on your blog backing up several pages of good reads. Thanks for your spunk and honesty. I love it. Keep it up!!!!

  14. Hahah of COURSE this was seen on Chictopia. I love the inspiration on that site but some of the fashionistas there are ridiculous. I see this trend as very inspirational, especially leading into the fall…next will be the cardigan-skirt, then the peacoat-skirt, and for you New Year’s partyers the tight-long sleeved-shirt-mini-skirt. Ah yes, I see it now…

  15. Also, I’m a first time reader and ADORE this blog. Thanks J for leading me here! (Love her blog too!)

  16. administrator

    Thanks for reading! Hope you stick around.

  17. okay but the girl in the first pick i didn’t even know it was a skirt until another blogger said it was, and then tried it herself. I was fine not knowing it was an actual shirt. IDK i just hate trends, now a ton fo girls will try this, and probably miss the ball on it. IDK it doesn’t look bad in the first pick, but i’m just not sur that I will try it.

  18. Laura

    My ass is too big to wear a shirt as a skirt :/

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