Too Young for Harem Pants?

 It’s an epidemic sweeping the nation and it could be affecting your child, your family and your pocket book. Behavior so dangerous, so insidious, you probably won’t even notice your daughter is engaging in it – that is, until it’s too late. I’m writing of course … about Harem Pants.

Leopard Print Pants: $12.90

These Harem Pants, disguised cunningly as “lightweight woven pants” featuring “ruching” at the “side seams,” recently “popped up” in the “Forever 21 girls” section of “”

That’s right, you bunch of fancy ass bitches.

These are Harem Pants FOR PRE-TEENS.

It’s not enough that so many fabulous and fashionable women all over the globe have been taken in and brainwashed by the designer elite to think Harem Pants are socially acceptable and all right to wear in public areas. Now they’re trying to corrupt our CHILDREN?

What’s next for 9-year-old girls? A future where they slap on sweatpants jeans, lamé leopard print skirts and whatever the balls these are for their play dates?


Unless we do something.

Just as you inoculate your kids against illnesses like chicken pox, you can help  to immunize them against Harem Pant use by giving them the facts now. Talk to your girls about Harem Pants. Shit, talk to ALL girls about Harem Pants. Stop them in the streets if you have to – this can not happen.

Forever 21, Harem Pant Pushers.


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4 Responses to Too Young for Harem Pants?

  1. Claire

    I mean, if anyone has the figure to pull harem pants off it’s 9 years old girls.

  2. administrator

    Or 9-year-old boys.

  3. whatyoulookinat

    I think my cats look good in them! Ittiy bitty kitty pants, for VERY big kitties! FYI: the kitties dig the harem pants. More room for the tail than regular pants…… ( you are thinking: why does this person put pants on their cats?! ) BECAUSE THEY LOOOOOOVE IT! duh.

  4. AngryInch

    Dear World,

    Harem Pants were ugly in 1988, and they are ugly now.

    Good night, and thank you.

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