Thulsa Doom Returns


The Fall selection of WTF has officially rolled out at Forever 21 and with it all manner of inexplicable item has appeared. Some items are even making encores!


Combination Hood Scarf: $18.80

This scarf hoodie combo was originally compared on WTForever 21 to James Earl Jones’ ceremonial head piece as seen here.


The resemblance is quite striking.

Now, despite this thing looking like Thulsa Doom’s finest evening wear and despite the print looking like a Cosby sweater took a dump all over it, the combo hood and scarf must have been a good seller because Forever 21 has seen fit to up the price from $14.80 last November to $18.80 this October.

Or maybe by November it was just already on sale.

Forever 21, WTF?


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5 Responses to Thulsa Doom Returns

  1. breezy

    I wonder if. F21 was the first company to come up with the hat/scarf combo or if something like this already exsists in fashion?? Just curious bc the idea kind of blows my mind..not in a good way

  2. clare

    Googling “Hat scarf combo” gave me 2 MILLION results including this unfortunate thing-

  3. whatyoulookinat

    Since I went broke a few years ago, :-( it’s hard for me to find price appropriate items that I can afford to give my little sister as gifts that she would actually like. HOWEVER! We have resorted to “gag gifting”! Essentially what that means is, we focus less on the need/likeability of the gift, and more on laughing our butts off at whatever ridiculous thing we decide to give each other…..

    So what do you think I am trying to say about this hat??? :-O

  4. ireliux

    LOL! I almost peed on my panties reading ur blog! keep it up! LOVE it!

  5. Amber

    actually, this hat/scarf combination is very useful when it’s about 5-10 degrees outside, with a mild wind, making it feel like -10 degrees. It covers your ears and the fact that you can wrap it around your neck keeps that gap from neck to ear from happening, so you don’t experience frost bite on your ear lobes. When it is that cold, warmth comes before fashion.

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