The Perfect Interview Outfit

This would be an amazing outfit for a job interview.


Retro Bell Tunic: $17.80

Tribal Print Pants: $24.80

If your job interview was for the position of Oompa-Loompa Wrangler at Willy Wonka’s factory or as an extra on the next Austin Powers movie.

Forever 21, Oompa Loompa Duppity Doe.


Why are your clothes such a fucking freak show?


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15 Responses to The Perfect Interview Outfit

  1. Violet Beauregarde

    I think you are getting too cynical! I actually LIKE the tunic!

  2. Callmestewey

    BAHAHA:D Wow, I saw this on their website and I immediately thought, “I hope this will be on WTForever 21 tomorrow.”

  3. Charles Ranier

    ah, something from the new “Vegas Casino Carpeting” couture line…

  4. rugs that i’ve puked on are nicer than these prints… i mean after the puke.

  5. administrator

    Lol @ Charles

  6. administrator

    I’m here to bring your fantasies wriggling into reality, Callmestewey.

  7. administrator

    Violet – you like it? If you purchase it and wear it, take pics. Maybe you will prove me wrong. And maybe we will all get a good laugh out of it. It is win-win.

  8. Giselle

    Of course Violet would like it! :P

  9. Violet Beauregarde

    Ding Ding Ding! Is Giselle the ONLY one who got the reference? Please say it isn’t so! I will look at the tunic IRL tonight and then decide. It could only work in print…WIsh me luck!

  10. Could probably go the tunic. If I were channelling Heather Grahame.

  11. administrator

    Would you wear this tunic to a job interview, Fiona? Like, under a blazer?

  12. meh

    Is Forever 21 suggesting that people wear these two pieces both together and at a job interview? If not, who gives a fuck.

    You could take a million different pieces from a million different stores that are not sold as business attire and say HAHA WEAR THIS TO A JOB INTERVIEW LOLZERS. Christ, try a little harder.

  13. lol…definitely bought the pants last month. with a white button down and thick brown belt, and some brown wedges, it’s not so…psychedelic. but i don’t think i would wear it to an interview! DID wear it to work though, and it was well-received. i guess its how you accessorize!

  14. Stephanie

    To be fair, those pants look like some wicked comfy pajamas!

  15. Mario

    Tunic actually looks cute, the pants are another story.

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