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Totally Lama

Boxy Zebra Print Top: $14.80

Totally looks like…

Forever 21,

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Wild and Out: Animal Pimp

There are some clothes that transform the wearer.

Some for the better and some for the worse…

The following items were seemingly designed to turn any normal woman into a certified Jungle Pimp in 5 seconds flat.

Cropped Cheetah Print Jacket: $19.80

 This cropped cheetah jacket says you have animal magnetism.

It also says that Bonobo better have your money.

Zebra Print Loafers: $22.80

Want to keep your pimp foot strong? You will feel like the queen of the jungle when you slip on these striped loafers and struck yo’ muthafuckin’ way through the track on the tundra.


Wild Chain Link Headwrap: $6.80

Every smoove player who has made a name for themselves in the sex for coconuts game needs a trademark piece.

Don’t sleep on this wild ass chain and leopard combo. Let ya mane flow.

Forever 21, Jungle Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy But Its Estuary.

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WTF do you Think?

As anyone who ever turned on the radio in 2005 knows, it can, indeed, be hard out here for a pimp.

SO, I am thinking about slapping some Adsense on the blog as a side dish to all this WTF.

This is mostly so I can give away more fashions from Forever 21, both fantastic and totally fucked.

Just imagine … all this could someday be yours:

Zebra Print Canvas Flats: $12.80

Flower Print Jumpsuit: $24.80

Three Compartment Rose Wallet: $9.80

Think about it.

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