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Secret Skirt Surprises

I’m sure by now you’ve all seen this trend in skirts.

Lace Maxi Skirt: $16.99 (currently on sale)

While I can understand how the whole “I’m covered up but, just kidding, not really, you can almost see my bits if it wasn’t for the mini skirt underneath this large swath of fabric” thing could be appealing to certain people.

Such as people who enjoy watching porn through a semi-transparent piece of cloth. Or people who want the look of patterned tights without committing to full foot coverage. (Hey, if I can imagine it, trust me, these people are out there and you have probably shared an elevator with them.)

What troubles me about this trend is not what you CAN see, it’s what may be lurking beneath that may pop out.

It’s probably just my own imagination, which we already know to be … a little off… but when I see this:

Side Slit Polka Dot Skirt: $17.80

I instantly think the next thing I am going to see is this:


Crotch vittles.

Forever 21, I Can’t Even Really Pretend this has anything to do with you…

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