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Wonderful or WTF: Cutout Dress

Like a chronic dieter who just blew through a weeks worth of calories at a Vegas buffet or someone who just got talked into getting DDD implants instead of the tasteful, pleasantly full C cups she planned on, I am confused as to whether I like this or not.


Cutout Mid Length Dress with Belt: $24.80

Yes, my dear, fluffy chickens. Confusion once again has me pressed against her heaving bust. It is up to you to tear me from her clutches or give the go ahead for epic motor boating.

So what do YOU think? Is it Dita Von Teese or Dita Von Don’t?



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Wonderful Wednesday: J. Crew for less

Today’s exercise in Forever 21 fan gushing will be both a profile one of my (and Michelle Obama’s) personal favorites, J. Crew, as well as a championing of Forever 21′s power in the price game.

For spring, Forever 21 has managed to carve out a chic niche in their normal rotation of 80′s inspired crap-ola and is offering a lot of pieces which borrow heavily from J Crew’s current lineup.

Here are some of the most relevant highlights:

Ruffled Handkerchief Top

Price: $22.80

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Wonderful Wednesday

There comes a time in every caustically sarcastic blogs life when the venomous status quo must be replaced with praise.

At WTForever21, that time is when we take a look at an outrageously awesome garment, accessory or deal offered by Forever 21.

That time is called Wonderful Wednesday and that time is now.

Arid Season Button-Up

Anthropologie: $78.00

Bank Account Vampire

Lightweight Woven Shirt

Forever 21: $19.90

Affordable Doppleganger


Forever 21, FingA.

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