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Wonderful Wednesday: The Dark Knight Rises to Steal Catwoman’s Style

By now I am sure a plump handful of you have seen the very anticipated, very controversial and very good The Dark Knight Rises.

With all its action packed, fanboy pleasing, comic book come to real life content, The Dark Knight Rises may also be the most emotional comic book movie in recent history. Where the final third of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy really shines is in the characters, not in the crash and burn.

And like all good little clothes obsessed gals who watched Anne Hathaway struck, circle and flip around the screen, I was captivated not only by her mental and physical acrobatics, but also by her black and beautiful style.


Today I’ll show you how to dress like Catwoman, minus the Cosplay and without a jewel thief’s budget.

Meow, my chickens. It’s Wonderful Wednesday.


Pleated Cutout Back Dress: $29.80


Pearlescent Studs: $1.50


Pearlescent Necklace: $4.80


Scrunci Headband 4 Pack: $3.69

Just normal headbands. No ears. This is not a costume. Put ears on these headbands at the risk of your own dignity. I will not be held responsible for your shame.

Except on Halloween. Then go for it!


OPI The Color of Minnie: $8.50

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Wonderful Wednesday: Big Boobs Bonanza

I don’t know if you guys know this, and I don’t mean to brag, but I am hella stacked.

If someone were going to write my biography tomorrow, the title could easily be, “Big Titties: The Gift and the Curse.”

The gift, because yes, sometimes having an ample bust can be a blessing. Like if you need to get out of a traffic ticket. Or if your main goal in life is to have someone at some point make it rain on you or spray Andre all over your ass.

If you have big tatties, these are the avenues of glory which for you are wide open.

But bountiful breastisses can also be a burden, especially when it comes to dressing them.

Well, my chesty sisters, prepare to be set free.

This is Wonderful Wednesday.

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1. Glittered MiniAudiere: $16.80

2. Glistening Lip Gloss: $2.80

3.  Perforated Leaf Earrings: $3.80

4. Sunset Gold Nail Polish: $2.80

5. Gold Eyelash Curler: $2.80

6. Jeweled Sunglasses: $5.80

7. 10 Eyeshadow Palette: $6.80

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Wonderful Wednesday: Act Like a Lady, Dress Like a Dame

I love summertime.

Summertime, when the days are long and warm and we can spend weekends in the grass, dining on ripe, red strawberries like fat little rabbits. When legs go bare and shoulder blades brown up in the golden sun.

 Right now the trend is neon colored hipster frenzy in tube tops and cheesy cut offs, but today I am calling for a return to the lady-like art of summer wear.

Time to put on your big girl pants.

It’s Wonderful Wednesday.

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Wonderful Wednesday: All White Everything

Maybe it’s the unseasonably warm weather here in Los Angeles or just the eager beaver in me wanting to get a jump on my bangin’ ass Easter Outfit, but I have a serious hankering to wear me some white.


Turtle Neck Sequin Dress: $29.80

Now, I know this colorless color is mostly reserved for the Spring time and the dress code of rap mogul birthday parties, but wearing white can make a lady look so damn fine and fancified it’s worth jumping the gun.

Plus it’s Wonderful Wednesday. And on Wonderful Wednesday, we does what the fuck we WANTS.


Mesh Spaghetti Top: $19.80

There is no love lost between me and mesh anything. Most of the time it manages to make the person wearing it look somehow simultaneously sloppy AND like they’re trying too hard, but this top is an exception.

The soft dip of the fabric and the tight, neat circle spaces on the mesh makes it both work and weekend errand appropriate.


Embellished Knit Cardigan: $29.80

With a new season of Mad Men perched on the horizon, this ivory cardigan with its delicate bead trim is the perfect way to get your Peggy Olson on.


Beaded Burst Clutch: $22.80

We all know beaded Ice Queen envelope clutches are not for everyday wear (at least I HOPE we all know this) but on a special occasion or night out the all white appliqué is subdued enough to be classic and sparkly enough to be eye catching.


Sunglasses: $5.80

If these don’t make you feel like Beyonce on Caribbean yacht vacation then I don’t know what will.

Okay, I know what will but where are we going to find a diamond encrusted thong bikini and a Jay Z look-a-like on such short notice? Forget it, lady.

Forever 21, Wonderful.

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Wonderful Wednesday: Holiday Party Outfits

My favorite thing about holiday parties is the sequins. It’s as if for a few days between Thanksgiving and January 1, the rules of the world are turned topsy-twinkly and everything, including wardrobes, seem to project a little extra shimmer.

Let us pay homage to the most wonderful time of the year with a post that’s all about holiday sparkle.


Sequin Sweetheart Dress: $27.80

Come join the party. It’s Wonderful Wednesday.

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Wonderful Wednesday: Cozy, Comfy & Cute

There’s something about the Fall and Winter seasons that makes you wanna bake an apple, drink some warm cider and snuggle up with a fluffy blanket on the couch to watch the leaves and rain fall and think about where your life is going while Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight” plays softly in the background.

But just because you’re drinking spiced apple juice and bumming it around the house, doesn’t mean you have to look like a bridge troll while doing it. In celebration of the gently, crisp breeze and lovely fresh weather to come this Fall, let’s take a look at some of the Forever 21′s affordable finds that’ll keep us all snug as a bug in a ploly-blend rug while still maintaining our feminine mystique.

Checkered Woven Shirt: $14.80

Get your snuggle on. It’s Wonderful Wednesday.

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Wonderful Wednesday: It’s Raining Men(swear Inspired Outfits)!

Ah, yes. The first rainy day of Autumn in LA.

It’s been coming down outside today like cats riding soaking wet dogs on chariots of water AND I LOVE IT!

Yes, people in Los Angeles act a fool when it rains. Yes, the weather turns cold and nasty and taking a walk is even lower on my scale of priorities when it rains. But that all means absolutely nothing in the face of the best reason to do a rain dance: Rain Weather Outfits! And since I am particularly partial to menswear inspired clothes during this time of year, this positive post is dedicated to looking posh while it’s positively pissing out.

Casual Tweed Vest: $19.90

Man up. It’s Wonderful Wednesday.

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Wonderful Wednesday: It’s the Little Things

I’m the kind of gal who obsesses over details, and just like any other borderline debilitating disorder, this has been and remains to be both a gift and a curse. Now, there’s some details I just can’t abide by (rosettes, I’m snarling at you) and you’ve all read me rail against unnecessary ruffles and fringe. But sometimes bad details can make for great style.

Rosette Mesh Dress: $22.80

Get ready to sweat the small stuff.

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Wonderful Wednesday: Pre-Spring Fling

February, you dirty bitch.

You are totally on the cusp of being in Spring but totally not in Spring and therefore still totally cold in some parts of the country.

There’s only one antidote to this indecisive weather and it just happens to be my absolute favorite accessory.


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