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Wonderful or WTF? Cutout Collar Dress

If you haven’t flipped through a magazine or trolled a celebrity style blog lately, then you probably aren’t aware of the cutout trend that’s clomped a trail off the runways and onto the bodies of famous and normal people alike this summer.


Cutout Collar Dress: $24.80

Usually the awkward slits and even more awkward wide triangle shapes cut out of perfectly good dresses focus on the waist area or that ever so sexy area on a woman’s body she is always trying to accentuate – her ribs.

But this little pink dandy has focused its efforts North and created a kind of floating collar effect. I can’t decide if this is really cool or just really dumb.

On one hand it looks almost futuristic. Like casual wear from 2001. Or something Judy Jetson would throw on for a picnic in a park elevated above the smog.

On the other hand, it also looks just fucking silly and impractical. The tan lines alone would be a pain in the ass.


Is this dress Wonderful or is it yet another garment to filed under WTF? Your comments will decide its fate when I do a recap post on Friday!


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Wonderful or WTF: High Waist Overalls

I always say some people can make anything look good. On them, the biggest WTFs become the best scenarios.

Every once in a while WTForever21.com readers decide to test the fashion fates and see if they can overturn a miscarriage of style.

Exhibit A:

“When I first saw these pants I thought, ‘Who on earth would ever wear those?’ I gave Forever 21 the benefit of the doubt since Halloween was fast approaching, reasoning they were probably reaching out to their railway professioned and old paper boy clientele. So I bought a pair for a one time use costume even if I was dissatisfied with the way I looked when I tried them on in the fitting room. After going home and trying to ignore the fact that I bought something for $20+ dollars that I was never going to wear, I thought of giving them a second chance. Low and behold they are wonderful and I am glad I have ever pitied them in the first place.”


Has she salvaged those overalls?

Are they Wonderful or still WTF?

Let us know in the comments!


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