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Wedding Blog! Maybe.

As a blogger in the fashion world it’s fairly customary to include a large portion of your personal self in posts. And while I do partake in the occasional photo shoot for WTForever 21, I’m not exactly in the same league as a serious stylist blogger.


Exhibit A.

In fact, despite all my rants and raves, complaints and cry babying over faux fur and floral anything, I manage to keep my personal life pretty well out of WTForever 21.

This is 75% because I don’t think you guys give a shit, with the other 25% falling into the category of “I’m lazy and don’t wanna.”

Recently, however, a Twitter follower implored me to share something personal with the world. Something personal and something I’m so very excited about I can barely believe its actually happening.

Ladies and gentlemen, chickadees and chick magnets, I am officially getting married.


Now don’t panic. This blog will NOT be turning into a wedding blog or a domestic blog. BUT… I am thinking about starting one on the side. With a cynical, snarky twist, of course.

Now before I decide whether or not to dive headlong into the world of cupcakes, gowns, invites, guest lists and all the chocolate dipped bullshit that comes along with it, I want to know from you all whether or not you’re even interested.

There’s a poll going on the Facebook page where you can give your opinion with a vote OR you can leave me a comment on this post.

So, let me know! Would you like to see a wedding/domestic blog that tackles getting married on a budget with a whole lot of humor and true to life advice thrown in? Or are there too many wedding blogs out there as it is?

Don’t forget to comment here or vote on Facebook!


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Loopy Leopard Print

Some people can’t stand racists, their blood bubbling up to an uneven and dangerous boil at the mere hint of a bigoted slur. Others get their dander up by listening to someone diss their favorite band or book or actor. And some people fly straight into a giant huff over which politician said what lie and what time to what person. Everyone has their limits.

My limit is leopard print, and damned if this morning I did not fully reach that shit.

Textured Leopard Cardigan: $29.80

Besides looking like something Lindsay Lohan might wear to her next court date (and ultimately end up putting into heavy rotation at her final job as a crack-addled, Vegas street walker – seriously, did you guys SEE the photos of her and her mother getting ready for Kim Kardashian’s wedding? The woman could barely STAND. She had to be holding on to something in every photo. I get wanting to be bombed for Kim Kardashian’s wedding, but come on now. Every time I see LiLo I feel like I’m watching someone slowly go through the process of becoming a zombie. Soon she’ll be lunging for the necks of DJs and be photographed dragging a wonky leg, moaning in the street), this cardigan is just one in a wide variety of brazen leopard print items.

I’d really like to know where Forever 21 gets the big ol’ jangly balls to put leopard print on every other item. Pissing me RIGHT off.

This cardigan looks like it’s made from the hairballs of a leopard plushie come to life.  The only people sick enough to wear this thing are going to be Furries who are just coming out of the kennel and other maladjusted adults who should and do know better but just don’t give a shit anymore.

Or drag queens. In which case, I am all for it.

Forever 21, WTF?


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