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Colorblocked Shag Vest

You know, I can’t really be mad at this.

Colorblocked Shag Vest: $29.80

At least this piece is functional.

Although, I’m not sure I want my clothes to be able to function as a bath mat.

And not a nice bath mat, either. It’s the kind you see laying on top of a mound of juicy trash in a back alley.

Or the one you discover in a random aisle at Ross Dress for Less that looks like every customer in the store was wearing sandals on a hot day and ran their bare feet across it.

Forever 21, WTF?

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Le Costume Post: Part 3

Day by day, bit by maddening patchwork, leatherette and leopard print bit, Forever 21 continues to release key pieces of costume outfits on the unsuspecting general public, disguised (poorly) as regular everyday clothing.

The following cardigan is a happy inclusion in the unintentional costume category.

Purl Knit Open Cardigan: $32.80

Part of what I hear Forever 21 is internally calling their “Homeless Haute Couture” collection, this long cardigan lacks style, form, function and all sense of appropriateness for life in general.

It also probably smells like it looks, which is like unwashed ass pickled in street stank. No matter how hard I try and no matter how much I know it not to be true, I keep imaging the model’s face covered in a patchy beard with an even patchier grin peaking out of it.

I have issues.

Forever 21, Spare Change? What? Fuck you, I know you have some!


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Faux Friggin’ Real?

Not since this year’s earlier rash of tribal print inspired harem pants has a group of clothing been so clearly destined to join the depressing ranks of the discount rack.

Of all the WTF moments I have had shopping at Forever21 over the years, this HAS to be the biggest. Are there really any fashionable young women who are checking to wear a leopard print, below the waist length vest with a cap that looks like an overgrown acorn?

Forever21, stop trying to make fur happen. It’s not going to happen!

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