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Forever 21 Offers Outfits for Coachella

You ever look at something, clothing trend or otherwise, and just know it’s going to be one of those things we all make fun of and regret 10 years from now?

Pretty sure these looks Forever 21 has put together to coincide with the California art and musical fest Coachella are 110% that.

It’s not that Forever 21′s stylists aren’t spot on about what kind of hipster madness gets thrown together for Coachella every year. The uber short-shorts, the flowy tops, the fringe, the neon, the pre-frayed everything. That’s all painfully accurate.

It’s just when I look at these I always imagine the same people wearing them today looking back on this decade and getting stuck in an infinite face palm loop.

So what do YOU think?

Will we regret these fashion decisions in our 40′s or will the “homeless looking yet perfectly manicured” style be remembered fondly?

Forever 21, This Really Isn’t About You.


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Lace Printed Cardigan

Just because we all know Wednesdays are wonderful doesn’t mean Forever 21 gets any slack!

Check out this future $1 bin reject.

This looks like something Blanche from The Golden Girls would throw on when she was feeling particularly sassy.

At least you know what to bury your loud mouthed aunt Jenny in when she finally passes.

Price: An almost insulting $32.00

As if having taste that bad isn’t punishment enough, Forever 21 has also decided to add insult to injury by charging the price of a decent meal for this monstrosity.

Forever 21, WTF?


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Capricious Cardigan

Okay, fine.

I understand the bold colors and clunky patterns of the 80′s are back in style, but does that also mean women in the age ranges of “young” to “grown-ass” have to start wearing adult sized Garanimals? You’d actually be hard pressed to even find kid’s clothing this ugly. Even shit they dress babies in (you know, the same people who routinely douce and barf on themselves?) is more stylish than this.

And when and where exactly is it EVER appropriate to wear this thing, besides a rave in 1992 or a job interview at Pee Wee’s Playhouse?

Price: $22.80

Forever 21, WTF?

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