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Wonderful Wednesday: Chanel without the Credit Card Hell

Living in Los Angeles amongst both the rich and the famous, I am presented almost daily with a double edged sword of delights and disappointments.

We have amazing restaurants with amazing food that are sometimes so amazing you have to wait a fortnight before you can actually eat in them.

The streets are littered with beautiful women and the odds of seeing an actual celebrity can go from slim to none to almost unavoidable with the change of a zip code.

And, most importantly, we have every shop you could ever want and every shop you could never afford to actually shop in.

One of those shops just happens to be one of my favorites.

One of those shops is Chanel.

Even though I love the crisp, clean lines and posh quilted loveliness this super luxe brand has to offer, I’m in no position to pay super luxe prices.

However, through the wonders of Forever 21′s copy cattish homage items to Chanel, we can all indulge our silly desire to look like skeleton puppet genius Karl Lagerfeld’s dream girl.

Leatherette Rose Bag: $19.00

If you can’t afford Rodeo Drive, why not just take a stroll down Front Street?

Take a walk with me, ladies. It’s Wonderful Wednesday. Continue reading


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What to Wear When you Fall in Love with Channing Tatum

Sometimes the most obvious things in the world can be the most surprising. Like finding a quicker route to work by taking a wrong turn or learning that ratty old sweater you lounge around in at home is the sexiest thing he’s ever seen.

In this way, I guess I had every right to be surprised by the fact that a large majority of you enjoy the pouty lips, soulful eyes and perfectly sculpted abs of Channing Tatum, co-star to Rachel McAdams in this coming Valentine’s Day’s chick flick epic “The Vow.”


In what is sure to be the first guilty pleasure pic of thousands of people in 2012, “The Vow” tells the based on a true story tale of a married couple whose deep and profound love is torn asunder by a case of amnesia. Rachel McAdams’ character awakes from a coma or, something equally soap operish, to discover the cut and beautiful, model turned actor Tatum is her husband.

She then inexplicably objects, speaking nonsense in the trailer like, “I don’t remember you” and “You are devilishly handsome and extremely physical fit. Back up off me!” Okay, maybe she doesn’t say that, but how she musters the gaul to do anything but rip her own clothes off at the news this god amongst men is her surprise husband is beyond me.

Thus, in the spirit of pleasant surprises and full on pleasures of the guilty variety, this Wonderful Wednesday is dedicated to capturing the style of the woman (albeit fictional) so appealing she caused Channing Tatum to full press court her (twice!) in hopes of winning her love.

Strap on your longing looks, ladies. This is Wonderful Wednesday.



Cable Knit Boyfriend Cardigan: $19.80


Wrap Cardigan: $32.80


Toggle Closure Cardigan: $37.90

Theres something to be said for being comfortable making you feel more sexy. One of the most romantic days I’ve ever experienced was spent at home with my then boyfriend on a rainy day in LA while I was in my period. Both of us spent the entire time slubbing around in the toasty confines on his apartment, me bundled up in a long thrift store cable cardigan, a thin tee and yoga pants. He was never more eager to surf the crimson tide. I’m assuming Channing Tatum feels the same.



Pom Pom Hat: $10.80


Heart Trimmed Necklace: $4.80


Faded Denim Shirt: $22.80


Moto-Bomber Jacket: $16.99

Make sure when you put this outfit together you have twinkly, sparkly lights to halo your frame. That way when Channing Tatum somehow, against all odds, despite his strong jaw and no doubt firm, round rump, convinces you to fall in love with him again the moment will be all the more magical.



V-neck Tee: $5.90


Floral Cuffed Sleeve Top: $22.80

Wearing something with flowers is key to this moment in the seduction of you by Channing Tatum. Mainly because when he comes rushing into your art studio, or sculpting class, or cheese curdling factory or wherever the Hell they are, he will be subconsciously motivated to pollinate your flower as he takes you on the cool, stone floor.

Forever 21, Wonderful.


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Very Punny

I guess Forever 21 doesn’t take it’s religious leanings too seriously.



Holey Rosary Top: $17.80

Either that or the lone comedian copywriter at Forever 21 is having their fun again.

Forever 21, Very Punny.


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Cozy Wolf: The Newest Advice Animal

Once in a great while, when the stars align and the Gods of Lulz rain down their trickster gold upon mere mortals, there comes a perfect opportunity – a moment sweet, weighty and lusciously ripe with challenge.

This moment is now and one amongst you must rise to this challenge.

I’m sure you all are well aware of the various memes known as Advice Animals. Basic photos of animals with colored backgrounds and customizable, hysterical captions to accompany them, such as…

Insanity Wolf


Time of the Month Tiger


Paranoid Parrot


You have ALL now been officially charged with the task, nay, the DUTY of coming up with awesome captions for the newest animal to join in the immortal ranks of those who give terrible advice.


Cozy Wolf


Cozy Wolf Top: $17.80

I’ll get you started.


Forever 21: Makes Awful Top, Top Becomes Meme.


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Bicycle Cat Top



Bicycle Cat Top: $17.80

Sometimes there are none.

Sometimes… you really just have to shut your damn mouth and enjoy the site of a cat with an abnormally large head, dressed in flowy, purple pantaloons and a Victorian era top standing next to an old timey bicycle.

Forever 21, You are Doing Bicycle Cat Top SO Right.


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Hola, Amigo.

Latino fancy hat and business casual dress chihuahua.


Sketched Chihuahua Heathered Sweatshirt: $17.80

Adorable contradictions – he is full of them!

His mustache – it sparkles!


His tie – muy sensible!

His hat? Que Rico. His gaze?



Forever 21, Que Paso, Chingado?


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Wonderful Wednesday: Holiday Party Outfits

My favorite thing about holiday parties is the sequins. It’s as if for a few days between Thanksgiving and January 1, the rules of the world are turned topsy-twinkly and everything, including wardrobes, seem to project a little extra shimmer.

Let us pay homage to the most wonderful time of the year with a post that’s all about holiday sparkle.


Sequin Sweetheart Dress: $27.80

Come join the party. It’s Wonderful Wednesday.

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Wonderful Wednesday: Cozy, Comfy & Cute

There’s something about the Fall and Winter seasons that makes you wanna bake an apple, drink some warm cider and snuggle up with a fluffy blanket on the couch to watch the leaves and rain fall and think about where your life is going while Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight” plays softly in the background.

But just because you’re drinking spiced apple juice and bumming it around the house, doesn’t mean you have to look like a bridge troll while doing it. In celebration of the gently, crisp breeze and lovely fresh weather to come this Fall, let’s take a look at some of the Forever 21′s affordable finds that’ll keep us all snug as a bug in a ploly-blend rug while still maintaining our feminine mystique.

Checkered Woven Shirt: $14.80

Get your snuggle on. It’s Wonderful Wednesday.

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WTFancy Shoulder Pads

When it comes to the finest in armpit bling, nobody does it better than Forever 21.


Sequins Pearl Knit Sweater: $32.80

For when you absolutely have to be super fabulous but only on the shoulders.

Forever 21, WTF?


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WTFurby Sweater

Maybe you’ve all managed to scrub the fuzzy fad of the mechanical friend known as “Furby” from your collective memory.

I know I had. But this sweater just sent them all whooshing back.

Fuzzy Crop Sweater: $24.80 
I keep expecting it to open it’s mechanical eyes and start speaking gibberish to me in a baby doll voice.

Forever 21,


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