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Swamp Ass

You know that thing where you’ve been out in the sun all day and it’s really hot and humid and your shirt is all moist and clinging to your torso and you feel like you need to shower but you can’t because you’re in a restaurant or at the park or something and then you get an itch on your lower back from some grass or whatever and then you go to scratch it and realize your butt crack has turned into a tropical rain forest?

Satin Floral Wide Leg Pants: $29.80

These pants are the visual equivalent of that feeling.

It looks like a colony of spores are springing forth from what appears to be here abnormally long ass crack and pancake flatĀ cheeks. If you KNEW these pants did this to the MODEL’S ass, WHY, oh why would you provide photographic evidence of this to people considering making a purchase? These make her ass look like it’s trying to escape onto her back. It reminds me of Station’s awesome Martian but from Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey.

Forever 21, Heinous.


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