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Varsity Striped Tulle Overlay Skirt

Ugh. These look like Wednesday Adams’ gym clothes.

wednesday skirt

Varsity-Striped Tulle Overlay Skirt: $34.90

Someone tell Marilyn Manson his “play skirt” is missing.

Forever 21, WTF?

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Lady Beetlejuice

Listen up, ladies who like to dress as sexy insert film or television character here every Halloween! Forever 21 has made their first, clear cut addition to the many clothing items in their catalog which can be used for costumes.


Bold Stripes Shirt: $13.50

Vertical Striped Skirt: $19.80

Oh, but the resemblance is striking.


Now all you need is the right wig, makeup or mask.

Forever 21…




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Jail House Crock

Elvis is spinning in his grave.

Sleeveless Striped Romper: $22.80

This woman was booked on charges on Excessive Camel Toe and convicted of Wearing What Looks Like Old Timey Jail Pajamas in the Third Degree.

The papers called it a “crime of fashion.”

Forever 21, WTF?


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