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Le Costume Post Part 5: LMFAO … Would Love these Shoes

I’m pretty sure by now most of your have heard at least one of their songs, but for the folks who are currently living an LMFAO-less life (how SAD for you), go ahead and peep the following video.

In case you didn’t make it far enough in, the premise is simple. LMFAO have been in glitter and Afro sheen comas for hundreds of years. They awake, dazed and still fuzzy from the fumes of what must be a shitload of hairspray and body glitter, and stumble out onto the street to realize their song, “Party Rock Anthem,” has spread across the globe causing everyone who hears it to compulsively “shuffle” every day.

What ensues is a mega dance of sequin, day glow MADNESS on a  backlot with splashes of animal print thrown in for good measure.

Sequined Tiger Tennis Shoes: $14.80

I submit to you these shoes. If you were going to dress like a Party Rocker for Halloween, this piece would be a perfect jumping off point. Besides looking like the the shoes C3PO’s drag queen son would wear, they’re also a dead ringer for something LMFAO would shuffle in. Every day. Now all you need to do is carry a ghetto blaster blaring out their latest album, tease up your hair and wear the tightest, brightest, shiniest shit known to man on the rest of your body and BAM! Good to go.

Forever 21, LMFAO.


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Drop Bows on ‘Em

You know what’s missing from my life (other than servants)?

Jeweled Accent Top: $22.80

A sweater with subtle jewel, rhinestone accent and large, satiny bow on the side.

But, I still feel like it’s missing something.

French Terry Bow Pullover: $22.80

A chiffon rat’s tail! MORE sequins! How did you KNOW?

Forever 21, You Read my Mind and then you BLEW it.


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Winter Wonderful Wednesday

Its starting to get chilly, chickies. And you know what that means in the land of WTForever 21 …

WinterTF Wear!

This Wonderful Wednesday will once again be dedicated to J. Crew knockoffs, as Forever 21 seems to be honing in on the preppy clothing store’s signature style for Winter.

Check out the un-WTFucky Wonderful Wednesday Wonderland of stuff after the jump!

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