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Wonderful Wednesday: How to Rock your Body Party

It’s safe to say a majority, if not all, of the fashion world knows and has uttered the term, “Arm Party,” at some point. Coined by the incomparable Leandra Medine of The Man Repeller,  an “Arm Party” is when you rock a bunch of stacked bracelets, bangles, string loops, candy chains, basically anything that can be fashioned into a loop, on your wrist. This gives the wearer an effect of having a “party” happening on their person. A party of the arm variety.

While I appreciate Ms. Medine’s visionary style and sartorial bravery, I have to fuss over ONE issue.

She doesn’t go far enough. Her arms have partied, yes, but have they partied like a rock star? Have they thrown up in the back of a limo after having too many drinks at a company function? Have they been tricked into going into an intervention and subsequently escaped that intervention by using trickery and deceit, only to hit rock bottom later and check into rehab via court order?

I think not.

Woven Love Bracelet: $3.80

Studded Hinge Bracelet: $8.80

(The rest are not online – all from Forever 21 and under $10)

THIS is how you Arm Party. When you Arm Party proper you LOSE the use of your HANDS.

If my Arm Party were a Person Party it would have a girl at it who was dangerously, black out drunk, her breath ripe with Appletinis, constantly asking you “Where’s the BATHROOM?” in between telling you what a great friend you are, then crying, then laughing, then crying while laughing.

My Arm Party has had the Resident Advisors called on it three times this evening and if they have to come out there again they are writing up EVERYBODY.

My Arm Party smell likes weed and sweat. There’s a dude named Journey at my Arm Party. His shirt IS off and he IS playing a guitar. This is the AFTER PARTY Arm Party.

Your mind is doing a keg stand off this shit RIGHT NOW.

And why stop at the arms? What about the neck party? For Fall?

Equal opportunity body part partying. Just sayin’.

Expect it.

Forever 21, Wonderful.


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Wonderful Wednesday: Pre-Spring Fling

February, you dirty bitch.

You are totally on the cusp of being in Spring but totally not in Spring and therefore still totally cold in some parts of the country.

There’s only one antidote to this indecisive weather and it just happens to be my absolute favorite accessory.


Stay a while, it’s Wonderful Wednesday. Continue reading


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